Marvelous in my Monday


29. April 2013 by swissfitchick

Hi friends!

Welcome to the last MIMM Party in April. This week will be short since 1st of May is a holiday, woot! Let’s celebrate some more marvelousness over at the Healthy Diva’s Site!!


So let’s jump right into some weekend fun!!

Friday was GRIT-day as almost every Friday. GRIT is a 30 minutes very intense Interval training. Every time I go, I want to leave at the same time – it’s so scary. But after the workout, the feeling is great! I use to go with Oli, my gym-buddy and good friend and recently, Peter joined us and the fitness party is perfect.



These weights make me hungry. They look like pumpkin- or apricot pies. Don’t you think so?

I think I deserved a reward and was looking forward to my appointment….a trip to spaceland…..


Scary….cross-eyed-psycho-look paired with the silver hat – frightening.

The result is this – I was very adventurous and even dyed my hairline blonde… 🙂

IMG_3430When arriving in Zurich, huge surprises were waiting for me. I couldn’t even handle it – it felt like christmas and birthday all together!!

First there was a package from one of my favorite blogger-ladies. We did an inofficial Foodie Penpal exchange and look what I got! Tons of healthy bars, nutbutter packs, a HOMEMADE SCONE, and other crack goodies. Sadly, I have to wait till the Whole30 is over, but some anticipation feels just great!!


Besides that, my vitacost-order arrived and I am FINALLY stocked up on my favorite nutbutters. I also ordered some packs of the cacao coconut butter and let me tell you – it’s heaven. And paradise. All together.


AAAAND that wasn’t the last surprise….our barbell and bench arrived too and Sandro fixed it all, I was so happy! Now there will be some powerlifting happening around here….


Sandro was out on Friday night, so I had the couch on my own and was enjoying my #strangebutgood-meal….

Cinnamon Eggwhite with Raw Almond Butter

Cinnamon Eggwhite with Raw Almond Butter

Saturday morning, my friend Anne picked me up and I accompanied her to the garden’s market. She wanted to pick up several things to make her garden spring/summer ready, so I was more than happy to help her. The Market was huge and beautiful!!

IMG_3438 IMG_3439Rest of Saturday was easy and relaxing, the weather was miserable and we just did some walking outside, gorcery shopping, DVD etc.

After this restday I felt fresh and energized on Sunday morning and hit an Interval Cardio workout, the powerlifting I postponed to late afternoon.


After working out I spent some time at the computer until I was sure to eat the letters of my keyboard if I wouldn’t grab food immediately. I swear.


The brunch was a new recipe experiment, it’s blog-worthy and I will share it on Tuesday!


Sandro was away with his brother for wedding planning (Nooooonononono. Don’t get excited. His brother’s wedding. Not ours. Phew!) and I spent an easy Sunday with stalking reading blogs, doing some meal prep, going for a walk and watch people and before dinner I rocked the new barbell for a 30 minutes weight lifting session.

Cookingwise I was lazy and just packed dinner into a casserole, poured over some spiced up coconut milk and threw it into the oven. Pretty darn simple and pretty darn delicious. The salmon gets so soft and juicy in the oven, it’s desperately tasty.

SONY DSC SONY DSCSo here you have it, my weekend in short version – I hope you had an amazing one too!!

What did you have for dinner last night? Tried anything new on the weekend? 

Hairdresser appointments – love them or hate them? I LOOOVE it. As long as it lasts not longer than 2 hours (most of the time it’s less), I love to sit there and bath in all the  celebrity gossip magazines. P.E.R.F.E.C.T.




24 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday

  1. Ha Ha Ha, you would compare weights to food! You crack me up girl =) As I’ve already told you, love the hair. You look beautiful!

    Oh & I swear we were seperated at birth… I actually have egg whites on today’s meal for dessert, however instead of just using cinnamon, I am going to a cinnamon bun protein powder goo with sliced pears! =) Yum!

    Have a fabulous day darling

  2. Katy says:

    Yum! I thought that salmon in your first picture was cooked then I realized it was prepped and none of those ingredients were cooked yet. It made me crave for sashimi!

    Last night I had slowcooker pulled pork with an Asian sauce for dinner.

  3. The hair looks great, and it sounds like you had a fun weekend! I personally don’t like hairdresser appointments, mostly because I’m not good at small talk and it always feels like you have to keep some kind of conversation going with whoever’s doing your hair for the whole visit.

  4. Hairdressers, hate them – three hours in front of a mirror with unflattering lighting! Your weekend sounds great, and your food looks yummy. Last night I had chicken roast dinner – it was the first one I’ve ever cooked…and it was SO good!

  5. Caitlyn says:

    That garden markets looks amazing. And mmm, salmon is my favorite food ever. So good!

  6. Your hair looks great! I am loving the “Keep Calm and Give Me Food” picture. How VERY true that statement is! 😉

  7. Lisa says:

    I can’t believe April is almost over! Craziness!
    Loving the hair color! You look absolutely beautiful!
    And the package Heather sent you is amazing, excited for the coconut butter. Obviously I’m a big fan:)
    I didn’t get the chance to try any new recipes this weekend, since I was soo busy, but hopefully this week I can!
    Happy Monday beauty!

  8. Love the #strangebutgood!!! Thanks for the reference. It’s a movement!!!!

    I adore my hairdresser – we’ve been together for 15 years, so my appointments are like 4 hours. Heaven.

  9. Your hair looks amazing, Lucie! I was actually just in the salon last week, but I only got my hair trimmed this time around. I actually looooooove going in and getting my hair done. Getting pampered, catching up on gossip, reading magazines, and coming out with a gorgeous head of hair? Who doesn’t love that? 😀

    Happy Monday, love!

  10. kepotts says:

    Gorgeous hair lady! Looks like you had a fab weekend. I love when lifting weights & working-out “unleashes my hunger monster”! We had BBQ pulled chicken last night for dinner & it was delish! Enjoy your mid-week holiday, super-jealous!

  11. WOW! I am so jealous you got a BARBELL, literally SO envious! I need one so bad, it would be so nice to get my workouts in at home but for now the gym it is…I have never made salmon with coconut milk but must give it a try! Happy you are enjoying simple clean meals. The flowers look amazing, I have always wanted to plant flowers so I could enjoy them but my doggies would just try and eat them I* Sending you a fantastic week! Love + Shine CourtStar

  12. Ahh, there’s so much marvelous and amazing in this post! That’s how I always feel when I read your blog on Mondays…I never know where to begin! First, I LOVE your new blonde(er) ‘do! Perfect color!! I think we could almost pass for hair twins. 😉 Second, you got HOOKED UP, girl! That’s one seriously awesome pen pal stash! I especially love the sweet n’ salty cocoa roast almonds and the Justin’s nut butters. You’re going to have some major foodie fun once the Whole 30 is over. 🙂 Oh, and Cacao Bliss and coconut butter are amazing!

    Can I come power lift with you and Sandro? My dream is to have a home gym, but the equipment is so darn expensive! Someday…a girl can dream, right?

    Your egg white and almond butter creation may be strange but good—but in the very best way possible! I definitely need to try that. I bet I’d love it even more with peanut butter. 😉 And that seafood dinner….gah! It’s making me so hungry! I

    Hope you had a wonderful Monday, love!! I’m so excited about our potential meet-up this summer! ❤ xoxoxo

  13. Awww! I’m sorry I’m just NOW getting caught up with you my love!! Looks like you had an amazing weekend! Love that pic of you with the pumpkin pies…er, I mean WEIGHTS! 😉

    I hope the snacks are “treating” you well! And too funny, I was THISCLOSE to packing you up some cacao bliss in that box! Lol

    I love the idea of baking everything in a bit of coconut milk…I may have to try that sometime!

    • I am obsessed with the Cacao Bliss, it’s So good! And you definitely should try cooking veggies or fish in coconut milk, it tastes so good and gives it a creamy touch.

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