25. April 2013 by swissfitchick

Thursday mostly calls for a deeper, maybe emotional post, but today that won’t happen. Nothing would come on my mind and rather than forcing words on the paper, I decided to do a fun survey! I saw this one around in the blogworld a lot and decided to join in the game. It’s about current fun facts of the current month, so sit back andย listenย read!


Current books:

Because I live in 2 cities, most of my stuff I own twice. Cosmetics, bikes, clothes, shoes….and books. My Basel-Book is the last one of Jennifer Donnelly’s Rose-Trilogy and after inhaling the first 2 in no time, I try to safe the last one as long as possible:


Same goes with the trilogy of Stieg Larsson – I think the books are scary and even more scary I find a person who makes up such stories. Still, I can not stop reading it.


Current music: Endless Summer sounds pretty marvelous to me – and besides that it is a great song for my running playlist!!

Current guilty pleasure: I just booked 3 (read: THREE) Beauty treatments. Today, I’ll have a manicure, tomorrow my hair will be done and next week I booked a massage on my day off. Sometimes we just need to pamper ourselves, right?


Current nail color: As of the moment – NAKED. But after my treatment this afternoon I want them to look something like this:

OPI Mod1

Current Food: not the most exciting things, since I am still doing the Whole30 challenge –


BUT my daydreams of food are pretty exciting! ๐Ÿ™‚


Current favorite show: So far nothing topped my one and only.


Current wish list:

A vacation in California. It’s 15 years since I’ve been there and I always wanted to go back. Especially when Spring is showing up so rarely here, I am craving sun, warmth and the beach.


On a more material front, I wish for this: and it’s my birthday soon!! 9th of May!!



Current needs: More time with the man. Since we only have the weekends together, it’s hard to stock up on ‘US’-time. Even more if we have events going on on the weekend, sometimes separated. Good thing that vacations are near!


Current triumphs: I did not fall back into overexercising after my restweek so far. YES.


Current bane of my existence: I have to say, the longer the challenge goes, the more my cravings (dairy, sugar, carbs) come back. I am having a hard time yesterday and today to stay on track – I hope it will get better, otherwise I have to think of changing something. I don’t want to force myself through this, I did this long enough in the past. I will stick to it as long as I feel ok though!

Current celebrity crush: Not current. Always have been celebrity crush. And now all the girls together: Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh-hmmmmmmmm……!!!


Current indulgence: Vacations! I have two short ones on May…..


Swiss Mountains with Sandro


Spain with the girls!!

…..and a long one in June!!

15 days New York and Boston - YAYNESS!!!

15 days New York and Boston – YAYNESS!!!

Current blessing: The sun is out. It’s spring, and it’s warm. And tonight, my weekend starts. Come on, do the happy dance with me!!


Current slang: Am I allowed to talk about slang if my first language isn’t English? In Swiss German, I would say ‘MEGA’ (Reinforces the next word) or ‘SHIT’ – sorry. Yes, we (no, not just me!) say that in Swiss German. Don’t tell anyone. I use it mostly when Computer Technology is the issue. I CAN.NOT.STAND. when my computer doesn’t do the way I want.

Current outfit:

Part of it are definitely sunglasses!!


Current excitement: See ‘Current Indulgence’

Current mood: When the sun is shining and weekend is near, I feel like this song…..

Current link: LOVE all the homestuff they have – SO my taste!! And the clothes aren’t too bad either – yet too expensive.

badleiterThat’s it now it’s your turn!!

Pick two and tell me these current facts about you!!ย 



27 thoughts on “Currently….April

  1. Love that you are spoiling yourself with lots of beauty treatments :-). you have to come to California and see me!! Current mood is excited to be learning more about Judaism and current outfit is m workout clothes in try to get out of them but sometimes I am stuck! Sending. You an amazing day love + shine Courtstar

  2. Pamper yourself darling, you deserve every last minute of it!! You’ll have to send me a photo of your new do afterwards!

    Now it’s almost friday.. which means, you get to see Sandro tomorrow โค โค โค

  3. Totally agree with you about the beauty treatments, sometimes we need a spell of pampering ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Those vacations sound incredible! I love Spain – I only went to Barcelona but it was so gorgeous. I need to get myself to Switzerland. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I love Barcelona too! I’ve been there so many times and never get enough. If you ever come to Switzerland, let me know! We have incredible wine, chocolate (crack) and cheese here ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Oh wow that chocolate sounds SO good! The Stieg Larsson books are brilliant ๐Ÿ™‚ My current mood is a bit stressed as work is very busy and so is home! I feel like I really need a holiday of doing nothing. My current book is Margaret Thatcher’s autobiography, it’s long and very heavy – after this I will need something very light hearted! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Oh SATC โค โค Nothing will ever top that show in my books either. And I'm super jealous over your upcoming pampering sessions AND vacations. The Swiss Mountains and Spain? Both on my travel bucket list. Have any extra room in your suitcase? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. cleanfoodcreativefitness says:

    15 days to Boston! Woo hoo! Can’t wait ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. LOVE that nail polish! Sometimes the simplest colors are the best ones :).

  9. Hayley says:

    I fully support your wish to come to California (I live there!!). It is gorgeous weather right now ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Waaaaait, you’re going to be in the US this summer?!?! Squeee!!! Is there any chance you want to hop down to DC? Or maybe I can swing up to NYC? I’d looove to meet you! Or, we can fall back on plan B and meet up in London. You pick. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The other vacations you have planned sound amazing! Spain is one of my favorite countries–I can’t wait to read about your adventures there!

    Umm, you know I want that chocolate bar…Like, really really bad! I’m pretty sure we don’t have them in the US, but I’m going to check the website just to be sure. If I’m right, I might have to swing by Switzerland this summer, too…

    LOVE the nail color! Did you end up going for it?

    I think your approach to The Whole 30 is very healthy and sane–if it’s a positive experience and you feel like you can stick it out, then great. However, if you’re feeling deprived, I say pat yourself on the back for making it this far, and then listen to your body (and soul). Life is too short to not enjoy a piece or two of chocolate when the *need* strikes! โค

    Love you tons, my dear! Happy almost-Friday! โค xoxo

    • Oh my goodness I SO want to meet you!!! If you can come to nyc somehow that would be aaaaaawesome!!! I am there from the 7th to the 11th of June, then we head on to Boston. Pleeeeeeease!!! And regarding the chocolate, if you can not get it let me know, I am more than happy to send a bunch of them to you!!
      I did not choose any color, the lady recommended to leave them naked to let them breath. Next time!!
      Let me know re NY!

  11. Current fave food/snack : Raw Revolution bars
    Current music: Aerosmith
    Current blessing: my new part time job!

  12. Oh how exciting! I wish I could go on all your trips with you! I know I’ve been out of work for what seems like forever, but STILL…I am in great need of a vacation…preferably with a BEACH!! Hoping that happens sometime this summer! ๐Ÿ˜€ And I’m DEFINITELY scheduling a massage soon! It’s so nice to treat yourself to a little pampering every once in a while!

    Love that pic of you and Sandro!

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