Marvelous in my Monday


15. April 2013 by swissfitchick

Heyhey! I hope your Monday is off to a good start. We are celebrating the MIMM Party here and it is going to be marvelous.

#RESTWEEK is over and this morning I did my first mini-workout! I am so curious how I will feel this week. Lunchtime will be weight lifting, so that’s gonna be serious 🙂

This post will include many pics. I am very sorry for the bombarding, I will try to stick it to this post only. I borrowed Mom’s PRO-camera in order to find out if this could be my new hobby. I think I fell in Love! I never walked around outdoor for so long without any destination and was so aware of my surrounding.

Some iPhone Snaps are around too, but I gave my best to take good shots with the camera.

So Friday started with a little Yoga and a Whole30 approved breakfast:

Scrambled eggwhites, cherry tomatoes, coconut butter

Scrambled egg&eggwhites, cherry tomatoes, coconut butter

One of my BFF was in Zurich on Friday and we took it as a chance to head to town and do some serious shopping.


When I got home, Sandro just returned from work and we decided to take a short walk at the lake. It was windy.


For dinner we decided to make our first Barbecue!! Barbecue is perfect with the Whole30. I had some chicken left and tossed it together with a fried egg and a spinachsalad.

IMG_3385Saturday, Spring finally arrived. It was splendid. Sandro was off early for an event and I spent all Saturday on my own WITHOUT A WORKOUT but with knitting, reading, doing my nails and especially walking a lot and taking pics.


O.P.I. Malaga Wine



SONY DSCI went grocery shopping on my way home and cooked up a single meal….

Roasted lemon-rosemary-salmon, steamed baby asparagus, 1 fried eggwhite, spinachsalad

Roasted lemon-rosemary-salmon, steamed baby asparagus, 1 fried eggwhite, spinachsalad

….then went down to the lake again….


On Sunday, Summer arrived. People were swimming in the lake, sunbathing and I smelled the taste of Barbecue everywhere. I was thrilled!! Sandro and me grabbed the bike and cycled all afternoon along the lake with some stops to hang out in the sun.


I swear I have not the slightest idea what I am doing here....

I swear I have not the slightest idea what I am doing here….

Of course we took out the grill in the evening too…..and it was so worth it!!

Grilled giant prawns, baby asparagus, spinach salad

Grilled giant prawns, baby asparagus, spinach salad

Happy Monday to everyone!

Did you already have a barbecue this year?

What is your favorite meal to cook for yourself?



34 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday

  1. I love how you guys can just hop on bicycles and ride around with such beautiful scenery. I also love that your friend is blonde too.. Woo hoo to blondes, Ha ha =)

  2. I love your pictures, especially the lake ones – and can I just say, you have a lovely figure 🙂 I’m really loving grilled trout with salad at the moment – so summery!

  3. Awesome pictures, Lucie! Photography is seriously one of my biggest loves – I love how it makes you pay more attention to what’s around you. That shot of you at the lake with all your hair in your face is priceless. That happens to me all the time, and I’m secretly always jealous when I’m with some guys because they never have to worry about that. And the shots of the lake at sunset? Gorgeous!!

    Hope your week is off to a great start, love!

    • Haha, yes I know it was all over my face! Worse is when you got lipgloss on and all the hair sticks in the mass 🙂
      Thank you for your compliment, means a lot – I still have to learn so much!

  4. cleanfoodcreativefitness says:

    Yay for summer weather! Finally right?! It looks so pretty where you are. Such beautiful scenery.

  5. Karey at Nutty About Health says:

    Beautiful pictures! It looks SO pretty in Switzerland!
    Yes, we’ve had a few BBQ’s & use our outdoor grill a lot… we just always have to eat it indoors since it’s so cold out. 😉 Happy Monday!!

  6. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I think you may have found a new hidden talent 😉
    Glad you had a good weekend Lucie!

  7. kepotts says:

    Happy Monday! Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! Congrats on taking a full-day off from working out & focussing your efforts elsewhere, look at all of the wonderful sights you saw 🙂 I smelled BBQ for the 1st time the other day & it made my mouth water, I’m going to need some soon!

  8. I love your sunglasses! Looks like a fantastic weekend!

    I had bbq yesterday- pulled pork, chicken, and sausages- it was so delicious:)

  9. Lisa says:

    Ohhh eggs with coconut butter sounds interesting!
    Your pictures are amazing, shows the beauty all around you! I really like photography and definitely want to get more involved with it, but it’s so dang hard to learn that dang camera haha. No bbq’s this year yet, but I’m supposed to go to one next week! Hopefully the weather will hold up!

    • Thank you Lisa! I guess I found a new passion in photography. It is nice to be out and so aware of everything around us.
      Cross fingers for your bbq this weekend!

  10. Greta says:

    My amazing, Lucie, keep taking photos! I would buy some of today’s! You are so talented – I’m jealous! Great weekend, yummy foods, and breath-away taking pictures. You are adorable!

  11. Kammie says:

    Loving the photos, so fun. The sky is so gorgeous! xo

  12. Lucie, I LOVE all those pictures!!!!! Keep ’em coming!!! You guys must have had such a fun day! 🙂

  13. Your pictures are awesome!!! My favorite thing to cook myself is grilled asparagus.

  14. sloanepitman says:

    Your pictures are GORGEOUS! They all take my breath away! YAY for shopping and BFF time, and super yay for yummy meals cooked on the grill! I’m so jealous of those gorgeous shrimp 🙂
    Glad you loved your RESTWEEK, and I’m so proud of you for doing it! I can’t wait to hear how you feel this week! Have a wonderful day 🙂

  15. Wow these photos are AMAZING Lucie! They capture the beauty of the object so well. I especially enjoy the one of the star in the window shop (for obvious reasons ;)) I am so happy you had such a beautiful weekend! Its not quite bbq season here in LA but when its time we are ready since we bought a BBQ last year! It looks so pretty by the lake, I would love to visit there and just cycle around inhaling the clean air! Love it! Sending you an amazing week! Love + Shine CourtStar

  16. Your weekend looks absolutely perfect, Lucie!! I loved seeing your life through the lens! Never apologize for lots of photos—especially when they’re of your beautiful face and some seriously beautiful food! Speaking of that–my goodness girl, it sure looks like you’re eating well on the Whole 30 program. Are you enjoying it? Everything looks so good, but I’m especially eyeing that delicious salmon. Yum. I haven’t barbecued yet this year, but I’m hoping to soon, once the weather warms up a bit. It was in the 70’s for just two days last week, and then dropped back down to the 50s! Spring is such a tease!

    I hope you’re having a wonderful Monday, my dear! Love you!! ❤ xoxo

    • Oh thank you Darling! I must say, I enjoy the food I get to eat in the Whole30, and I just have to be a bit creative. The salmon was really yummy! Hugs and Love to you!

  17. […] Marvelous in my Monday ( […]

  18. Oh Lucie!! You’re a natural photographer m’dear! Love the “artsy” shots like the on of the sofa with the jacket thrown over it or the barrel and the chair…and omg, the landscape photos!?! Gorgeous! You had one MARVELOUS weekend sweetie! I’m totally jealous of all your adventures AND your barbecue! We haven’t broken out the grill over here just yet, but after seeing all your foodporn, I know exactly what I’ll be doing this coming weekend!! 😀

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