Friday Favorites – Presents, Crossfit, Weekend meal plans


5. April 2013 by swissfitchick

Hey y’all!

I dance the Friday Dance! Wanna join me?

54511First of all, I want to THANK YOU guys!! All your comments on yesterday’s post BLEW me away – I was SO touched and happy about all your support, love and encouragement but also YOUR courage and honesty. You rock!!

So how has your week been so far? I hope it treated you well!

Let’s start right away with highlights from this week. Besides that the sun came out several times, I got spoiled by different people and what is better than getting presents??

The first one came from Courtney. I am working together with her in order to achieve my goals and to have some support in my recovery. So far it goes really really well and I love the work with her. On Wednesday a gift from sunny L.A. arrived, Courtney sent me an affirmation charm!! We work a lot with affirmations and it helps me tons. That charm I can carry around with me and hold on to it if an anxiety or negative thoughts come up. How lovely is that?? And SO pretty!!

Affirmation Charm by Courtney @

Affirmation Charm by Courtney @

The next present I received yesterday. Well actually, I received it a few weeks ago, you might remember that Sandro and me celebrated our 3 1/2 years anniversary and he gave me a gift voucher for a overnight stay at a hotel when we are in Spain this fall. He opened the secret and here’s where we will stay

2 26Ok, I need to wait until beginning of October, but how can you be not excited if you see this?? I can not wait!!

Another really great thing this week was, that I went back to Crossfit. You might remember that I started Crossfit in December last year. Late January and February I was hit by a winter depression and went through some funks. Little things  exhausted me, I was able to manage my worklife, but everything what took more effort just scared me. To cycle in minus degrees and dark through the city and then being back home late may not sound so difficult, but for me at this time it wasn’t doable. I needed to focus on what was good and right for me and I didn’t want to stress me out, because this only would have ended in a binge.

Now since Spring is almost back and the days are longer, I feel the energy coming back and since I MISSED Crossfit AND especially the group I started right back on Wednesday and I loved it! I am happy to be back and join the group regularly since the ‘groove’ and atmosphere plus the training is exceptional and really cool.

529089_393015020805384_1859473225_nTalking about workouts: As you may know, I am working on decreasing my workouts and trying to break my addicted habit to workout 2-3 hours per day. It goes really well. I probably do a third of the amount of Cardio I did only 2 weeks ago. And you know what? I feel so much more relaxed and nothing changed!! I even lost a bit around my belly and I did not transfer to some kind of a monster. Strike!! I hope I can continue like this. The support of my trainer, the talks and tips from Tim and the coaching with Courtney help a lot here. I obviously still need a lot of help, but I know one day I will be strong enough to do the right things on my own.

I also included more Yoga back in my schedule and I am stuck with Yoga Solution with Tara Stiles, I absolutely love it!! There are so MANY great Yoga workouts.

Now on to some beautystuff! I decided to treat myself with a manicure and got Shellac. My nails are a disaster, always have been and this is and will be my solution!!

IMG_3304Some of my findings in Berlin:


Rose Suede High Heels, White Sleek and Tight Combo by Zara


Boots & Blazer from Marc O’Polo


Shiny Mint Green Workout Top & Workout Leggins from H&M

I realize that I did not post ONE picture of food – well I guess I just stuffed my face with it before remembering to take a shoot. So let me just give a few ideas for weekend meals:


  • Yogurtmess with fresh blueberries, cinnamon and almond butter
  • Banana-Coconut-Pancakes
  • Eggwhite Omelett with Spinach and Pumpkin



Sandro an me need to fuel up since we run our first race TOGETHER on Sunday! It will take place in his hometown near Zurich and will be 5k for each, but we probably both do 10k’s. So excited!

Eglisau Race Day

Eglisau Race Day

Ok Lovelies, that’s it for today – I wish you a fantastic weekend, check in on Monday for MIMM!!

Any Fun, Food or Workouts planned for the weekend? 

Have you ever done Crossfit before?



31 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Presents, Crossfit, Weekend meal plans

  1. Best of luck with the 5k Lucie, it is so much fun to run with your OH! That charm is so pretty and such a good idea. Have a great weekend and keep up your brilliant work – you rock!

  2. What an awesome hotel! Those views look amazing!!

    Also, I am loving so many of your purchases in Berlin. That sheer white shirt, the brown riding boots, and the tan blazer are all fabulous!!

  3. Good luck with your 5k! I love the charm and the hotel looks lovely. I’ve also fallen in love with the rose suede high heels you bought ❤ I've recently been growing my nails and am thinking of having shellac put on – how do you find it? Are you pleased with the results? 🙂

  4. That hotel looks incredible! I’m so happy to hear that you’ve been cutting back on your workouts – your body is thanking you right now!

  5. kepotts says:

    Looks like your week ended up terrific girlie! The charm is gorgeous & I am already jealous of your trip, it looks beautiful there! I’ve got a full weekend planned between training some people & a friends sons birthday party & then hopefully some down time. Enjoy yours 🙂

  6. That affirmation charm is such a sweet idea 🙂 I might have to look into making something like that for yourself. And that hotel? Gorgeous! You’re definitely one lucky lady 😀

    It’s my mom’s birthday today, so this weekend will be full of celebrating, and I have to say that I have a pretty awesome dinner and dessert planned 🙂

  7. Lisa says:

    Wahoo for Friday:)
    Good luck with the 5k my dear, I’m sure it will go swell!
    Oh gosh, that hotel looks incredible. How awesome.
    And I looove that affirmation charm! So cute!!

  8. Thank you so much for being SO WONDERFUL 🙂 So happy you like the charm! I sell them in my shop too in case anyone asked you! I love your outfits you bought they are so perfect for SPRING! You and Sandro are going to have the most amazing time escaping and enjoying that beautiful hotel! I AM SO JEALOUS!! Excited to hear more about your cross fit adventures Love + Shine CourtStar

  9. I may just have to hide out in your suitcase and join you on this little getaway… you don’t mind right? lol.

  10. I LOVE the affirmation charm Courtney sent you! What a wonderful idea, and a great reminder to think positively throughout the day.

    Oh my heavens, your future vacation spot in Spain looks absolutely amaaaazing. I think I’m going to jump on board with Jessie, hop a plane, and meet you there. We’ll be sure to give you and Sandro *some* private time. 😉

    I’m so happy to hear you’ve rejoined Crossfit and that you’re loving it! Also, congrats on reducing your cardio; that’s been a huge challenge for me, too. I’m hoping pilates or yoga will help reduce my craving to sweat!

    Have a wonderful weekend, beautiful! Enjoy that race on Sunday!! ❤ xoxo

    • Oh yes, please come all!! We can run the pool all together, scream around like teenage chicks and drive all the other guests crazy 🙂

      Yes, cutting back Cardio IS a challenge!! Totally proud of you and Pilates and Yoga is a great alternative!

  11. Love the boots and blazer – very stylish. I’ve never tried crossfit before, and I’m not sure it’s something I’d really enjoy because I don’t tend to do well in group settings. But the workouts look killer!

  12. Woo hoo! Good luck with the 5k!

    I’ve not done crossfit…yet 😉 One day perhaps!

  13. Greta says:

    Gosh I hope you had a wonderful weekend, Lucie!?
    I love the clothes from Berlin! That white blouse – I want that! And the shoes and the boots – love your style.

    • Oh yes I did, I hope you too!! Awee I can not wait till it gets warmer and I can wear all the things. Tomorrow is weekend recap! 🙂 have a good night Beautiful!!

  14. Oh sweetie, I am SO proud of you for listening to your body and not stressing yourself more about the crossfit thing earlier this year. I can TOTALLY understand the seasonal depression…the fact that we are finally getting more sunshine has definitely NOT gone unnoticed here! I swear I am a completely different person in the winter months compared to other times during the year!

    Love the affirmation charms! So pretty and such a great idea to keep you positive! Also, I’m totally envious of your little shopping spree…that blazer is awesome and if I knew I wouldn’t kill myself, I would totally steal those shoes from you! 😉

    PS, Omg, how can you stand it knowing you have to wait all the way until OCTOBER to visit such a beautiful place?! I would DIE!!

    • I feel you so much on the difference between winter and spring/summer. Already now I feel completely new, since we get sunshine each day. It’s like a new beginning!
      Haha, I could teach you in walking in your heels, no problem 🙂
      I KNOW, isn’t it mean that I have to wait almost all year??!! lol

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