What I ate Wednesday#15 – Brainfood and Healthy Chocolate Pudding


27. March 2013 by swissfitchick

Good morning and happy WIAW!!

This week will be short – I will be flying off to Berlin (Germany) tomorrow with my Mom to do some Easter Shopping, yyyess!! I can not wait. I used to live in Berlin back in 2008 for about 7 months and I love this city. I will also meet my ex personal trainer and friend Tim who I haven’t seen in 5 years now!

But before all that let’s join in the FoodFeast from today and hosted by Peas and Crayons blogger Jen!


I will present my meals from Monday since I wanted to show some different foods rather than the same same Tuesday routine. But nevertheless, here’s my on-the-train-breakfast from Tuesday morning:

Coconut Banana Protein Pancakes&Blueberries!Sorry for the bad pic, it was taken at 6 am in the morning in the dimmed kitchenlight…..


I needed a good start into the day since I did my new workout from my trainer at the gym…..the weight already went up to 20 kilos instead of 15! And after 45 minutes I was done, like REALLY done. Kickass!

EMOM Lucie

Talking about pre-and postworkout meals, I think this post from Gina (Fitnessista) about What to eat before and after a workout is great!!

Ok, but now on to Monday’s eats. As some of you know, I had my exam on Monday . I started off with my meditation and let my booty and abs burn with some workout quickies. Of course I needed balanced fuel.


Omelette, 1/2 Avocado, Peppers

Snacking on…..

Fresh Berry-mix, Pure Coconut Water

Fresh Berry-mix, Pure Coconut Water

The exams took place in the morning and after I could sit down at home and enjoy the lunch I prepared beforehand.


Red Bean Herbs Dip, Peppers, hardboiled egg

 Since I had the afternoon off, I used it for a 45minutes Home-Spinning-Session while watching some of my recorded favorite shows! 🙂

Dinner was fresh and green! I tossed this together and took a shot……


saladgreens, cherry tomatoe, roasted chicken breast

….and then changed my mind and chopped the chicken and added some healthy fat of the other half Avocado!It was good, especially the chicken, delicious.


For dessert, I mixed up a tablespoon of almond butter with unsweetened cocoa powder and stevia – my healthy version of chocolate pudding and my favorite treat!


That was it for WIAW, what I ate MONDAY!

Have a fab day! I will not do the Thursday Post but probably the Friday Favorites. be sure to check in also and latest for MIMM with tons of Berlin recaps!!

What is your favorite treat?

What is the last place you traveled to?



30 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday#15 – Brainfood and Healthy Chocolate Pudding

  1. Greta says:

    How did you do it? The EGG? I can’t stop staring at it. It’s so cute. As all the food, btw!!
    I’m jealous of Berlin. I love the city and I’ll be traveling there right after Easter.
    The latest place I’ve been was Warsaw probably (the airport, Ikea and H&M stuff – yeah, we still don’t have those in LT. My country sucks!)
    Happy Wednesday and have a superb time in the city of lights!!

    • Oh!!! That’s so sad that we are not there at the same time! How wonderful would that be, if we could meet up in Berlin??? Well, the egg – I BOUGHT it like this, so lame 🙂
      And hey, if you ever need H&M or Ikea stuff let me know – I am happy to send over (maybe small stuff from Ikea not a bed or something 🙂 🙂 )

      • Greta says:

        I do actually need a new tv table from the Ikea, Lucie! 😀 Thank you so much hun, you are the best to offer those, but we are opening both of the stores this year, hopefully , so I’ll be more settled, though I love to travel a lot!

  2. Ah, we can add those banana coconut pancakes to our day day filled with tropical meals!! 🙂

  3. Have fun shopping with your mom! The last trip I took was to Chicago in November – we went for a conference, but I absolutely loved all the tourist-y things we did!
    That egg is adorable. I already love hard-boiled eggs, but I think I’d love a pretty one more :-p

  4. cleanfoodcreativefitness says:

    Love the healthy chocolate pudding recipe! Sounds like the perfect evening snack and chocolate fix! Have so much fun shopping 🙂

  5. I am glad to see that I am not the only one who just eats avocado straight out of the shell? Or peel? What is it technically called?? 😉

    That dip looks amazing, too! Have you shared the recipe before?

  6. Lisa says:

    Always loving your colorful eats! They look splendid!
    Have a ton of fun shopping with your Mom! Those are the best shopping days.
    Eeee…I’m in love with that egg. SO cute! I need to recreate something like that for Easter!

  7. Have a safe trip, hun, and enjoy Easter time with your mom! Speaking of Easter, I had to do a double take when I saw the egg you had for lunch. Is it colored?! And if it is, then that’s so darned adorable. I’m thinking about doing some egg coloring this year, but we’ll see… I definitely can’t wait to enjoy some [more] Easter chocolates, though :mrgreen: Lately I’ve really been loving me some Cadbury Mini Eggs… they’re definitely one of my favorite parts about spring!

    • Thank you Darling!! Yes it is colored but not by me by the supermarket 🙂 I loved it so i bought it. Ooooh Cadbury eggs! How I wished we could find them here. Happy Easter!!

  8. Yum your dinner looks fantastic + so does the dessert afterwards YUM! I totally LOVE your pudding honestly the best thing I have ever had as far as healthy desserts go 🙂 I am SO excited to see all your Berlin photos, have an amazing time!! Love + Shine CourtStar

  9. Natalie @ Lift,Sleep, Eat says:

    yum i am addicted to avocado right now it is so yummy!!
    that healthy chocolate pudding looks delicious tooo!

  10. No matter how you picture pancakes…we all know they are delish 🙂

    Last place I travelled to…Montreal just last week!

    Safe travels and have fun!

  11. Tim says:

    Yuhu, 5 years are def. too long, so really looking forward for the weekend:)

  12. The chocolate pudding sounds amazing right now!!! Have a great weekend 🙂

  13. I hope you’re having a FABULOUS time in Berlin with your mom!! Berlin is one of my favorite cities in Europe–I was there in 2004, after I graduated from high school, but only had two days to explore the city, which definitely wasn’t enough! I’d love to go back….Meet me there? 😉 Until that happens, I’ll live vicariously through your recaps. 😀

    Everything looks so so good–especially those coconut banana pancakes! I make similar ones, and they’re one of my favorite breakfasts. You know what I’m really excited about, though? That beautiful pink-striped hard boiled egg! I still haven’t dyed mine yet, but it will probably happen tomorrow 🙂

    The last place I traveled was Boise for Christmas, and it’s also the next place I’ll be traveling to–on Tuesday!

    Sending huge hugs to you and your mom in Berlin!! ❤ xoxo

  14. A workout ending with the word “torture” and a smiley face…now THAT’S one you don’t see every day! lol

    Love the look of that salad! Chicken and avocado go so well together! And omg…PUDDING!!! Of course you know me, I’d HAVE to find something to dip into it! 😉

    Favorite treat…as of right now? Ovomaltine!!!! Lol Seriously girl, it’s only been a day and I think I’ve had it like 4 times! Ahhhhhh-ddicted!

    Last place I traveled to was Atlanta! Oh was that a FUN trip!! IKEA, the farmer’s market, and TONS of great food!!

    • Haha, and I tell you, that workout IS a torture! Oh I remember the trip to Atlanta you shared the most amazing food pics. And I am so happy you love the ovomaltine spread!

  15. […] What I ate Wednesday#14 – Brainfood and Healthy Chocolate Pudding (swissfitchick.wordpress.com) […]

  16. […] What I ate Wednesday#14 – Brainfood and Healthy Chocolate Pudding (swissfitchick.wordpress.com) […]

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