Friday Favorites – Ignore the snow, welcome Spring!!


15. March 2013 by swissfitchick

Good morning everyone!!

Welcome to almost weekend. How did your week treat you? Mine was pretty darn good except yesterday. If you don’t mind, I would like to forget and skip yesterday. It was an emotional disaster and not a good day. I am glad today is yesterday’s tomorrow and yesterday is over. So let’s jump on the highlight-wagon from this week and celebrate some pleasant anticipation for the weekend.

Shake ya booteys babes!!

This week, winter came back. Wednesday morning, I stepped out of the bathroom, freshly showered, hair and make up done, when I saw that there is some kind of a snowstorm outside. And I knew I had to go with the bike since I was already running late. Booo!!

2013-03-13 10.39.46

This is the view from my office though – I made it there WITH THE BIKE!!

For the rest of the week I went with the stormy-weather hairstyle: The bun/dutt. Easy, convenient, comfortable, not too bad looking. I can not yet get it done pretty, I am working on it. What I always do, when my hair is out of the face, I wear a stronger, darker make up. Because the focus is more on the eyes and not on the hair (at least that’s what I think).

2013-03-13 16.43.30

2013-03-14 18.40.502013-03-14 18.44.15

I am not willing to give in and believe that winter is over and there will be spring forever. Accordingly, I changed my decoration at the Zurich home.

2013-03-11 21.08.38

2013-03-11 21.08.55

Talking about Zurich. There is such a flipping crazy store which I pass a lot with mixed feelings. On one hand I think the stuff is freakish, on the other I love some of the glam-glimmer heels.

2013-03-10 13.05.30


2013-03-10 13.05.40

Eeh. Maybe not.

2013-03-10 13.05.11

Can we just quickly break the moment, look at this photo again and have a good laugh? I mean seriously….I think this is the worst pic of me ever. No make up, messy hair, a drunk face and hanging on my man like a limpet. Sandro looks so terrified as if he were my hostage. I can not even believe that I am sharing this with you. Now you see what you actually mean to me!

2013-03-11 19.03.28-1

Ok, let’s turn to some good stuff – FOOD. These smoothies are soooo good. I hardly ever drink something else than water or tea. After intense workouts I drink a small bottle coconut water, but that’s about it. I saw these smoothies in a shop in Zurich and tried them, they are really good and organic. Down point: SO EXPENSIVE. I bought these two and will only buy one if I want to treat myself. 3.50 CHF for 250ml is a joke, really. I can mix up one myself for nothing.

2013-03-10 14.58.39I had my pancakes every morning this week. If I have breakfast in the office – fine. It still needs to consist of pancakes….I am in love with that morning routine. I get up, meditate, drink my Lemon water, Meta D Drink, head out for a run and Tabata. While doing this, the park is empty and peaceful and the day starts to brighten. There is no moment in the whole day that lifts my mood and my energy up like this. Coming back I end my workout with some strength exercises and stretching, shower and then cycle to the office to sit down and have pancakes. Perfect start. 

2013-03-13 08.25.50Lunches and dinners used to be colorful beautiful…..

2013-03-13 18.39.43 2013-03-14 13.47.50

I absolutely LOVE the mix of light Feta cheese and Sweet Potaoes – tastes absolutely delicious!!!

As for my workouts – I mentioned that I am still struggling with overtraining and I will do a separate post about it. For now, I try to incorporate more active recovery in my workout plan. Here are some good ones I found on YouTube and if you want to feel your body SMILING, I can recommend picking one of these.

Yoga with Tara Stiles:

Stretching and Release with Tone it up:

Flow Practise with Baron Baptiste:

I also do a lot of Foam Rolling!! This is almost my favorite recovery workout. I do it daily. If you are interested, I can write more about it.

Let’s see how my body responds to this, I will keep you updated.

Let’s stay a moment in YouTube and listen to that song. I absolutely absolutely LOVE that song. I am much more fan of this version than the new and ‘modern’ one that is playing in the radio currently.

On last pic I received the other day from one of my working colleagues! It’s my boss and me dancing at a party in December to ‘Save the last Dance’ from Michael Bublé. I LOVE this song. My boss is a great dancer and so am I when I dance with him 🙂


Happy Weekend loves!!

Do you do active recovery? What do you do? 

Your current favorite song?? 



25 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Ignore the snow, welcome Spring!!

  1. kadapu says:

    nice blog 🙂

  2. I like the shoes, but the bra is a little scary! :-p

    I’ve made it one of my goals to foam roll this month. It’s unpleasant, but it really does work so well!

  3. Greta says:

    Hell YES for spring! No for snow! Yes for the hair bun and the eyes and smiles and glimmer shoes! No for the bra! YES for pancakes and feta in salads! (Everything tastes better with cheese 😉 ) And songs and workouts! No for the forever lasting recovery, but we are doing it anyway! Therefore good for us!! 😀
    I think you had an awesome week, Lucie! Be proud!
    And I still can’t get enough of Rihanna’s melancholic “Stay”! Just can’t 😉
    I hope you’ll have an awesome weekend, love!!

    • Awe, you talk to my HEART!! I am SO fed up with how long this f****ng recovery lasts. Annoying!!
      But let’s just keep the chin up and listen to some cary-great beats, ok?

  4. That bra… 😆 Oh my. The shoes I can still handle, but there’s ni way you’d find me putting one of those spoken suckers over my ladies. ANYWAYS… I’m feeling you on the winter blues. It’s been snowing here for the past day or so and we’ve been hut with a pretty big cold front. Im hoping this is it before winter is gone for good!!

    • Haha, yes, this was my reaction too when I saw it 🙂 The heels are pretty crazy. I wouldn’t even have an event wher I could wear them – even though I am a huge fan of heels.
      Oh yes, please, spring, come!

  5. Biking in the snow?? Now THAT is impressive!! This whole snow thing has really got to get itself under control. I am ready for Spring!

  6. My active recovery days are mostly yoga/ pilates based.

  7. lifeandfitnessbyashley says:

    Once the weather warms up and gets humid, I live in the messy bun hairstyle.

  8. Lisa says:

    I love those TIU workouts, always good ones! That bra is awesome hahaha.
    Looooove glitter heels!! I have about 3 pairs, I should probably stop haha.
    I agree with having hair out of the face, it focuses more on the face, and eyes and all those pretty features.
    I love wearing my hair down since I really hate my hair up haha, I like like an alien or something;)

    • I am sure you still look as gorgous when you have your hair up 🙂
      Oh yes, I need to stop buying heels as well. I have no space anymore hahaha 🙂 Happy Weekend Beauty!!

  9. Ok, so I gave a weird look at those shoes with the spikes, but then, when I scrolled down more and saw that bra, my eyes about bugged out of my head! Hahaha! WHO would actually buy that??

    Those smoothie flavors sound great…but I agree, that is a bit steep of a price for one little smoothie…hate how companies jack up prices like that! And now you have me wanting to crack into the block of feta that I have in the fridge…never thought to pair it with sweet potato before. I had a savory sweet potato for lunch today. It was ok, but I think I prefer them loaded up with sweet toppings better…yogurt, peanut butter, and granola, OH MY! 😉

    I will definitely be trying one of those yoga workouts once I’m recovered from my knee surgery. I’ve been meaning to find some good yoga downloads since I can never make it to my gym for the classes.

    Glad you had a better day today sweetheart! And wow, major props for biking to work in the snow! 😀

    I already shared it on my blog, so I’m sure you saw it, but my favorite song at the moment is STILL “Symptoms” by Atlas Genius

    • I KNOW!! WHen I saw that bra I was so irritated. I wasn’t sure if they were serious selling that, or if you could buy it to dress up for a costume party. SO WEIRD.
      Aaaah! That Sweet Potato Combo sounds superilicious!! Hmmmm….
      Hey, if you need some more tipps for online Yoga, let me know. I have the same issue, I can’t make it to the classes and olaways do YOga at home.
      I want to check that song out now!

  10. Lucie!! I love you and your messy winter bun and drunk face pics! Sandro’s expression made me laugh–you two are so cute together! ❤ Imagine what his expression would be, though, if you brought that red spike bra! Haha! I think maybe you should do it *just* so that you can get a reaction out of him. 😉 I can't imagine why anyone would by such a thing other than as a joke. I mean, seriously?! That thing looks like a weapon!

    I agree with you about packaged smoothies–they're definitely too pricey for an everyday purchase, but great for a treat every now and then. I actually prefer the ones I make at home 99% of the time, but if I'm in a rush, sometimes I'll buy something at the store.

    Michael Buble holds the key to my heart!! Love love love him!! I can sing nearly every word to each of his songs! I also love love love that picture of you–you look so happy!

    Hope you're having a fabulous weekend, my dear! HUGS! ❤ xoxo

    • Ohmygoodenss hahaha!! I think i have to go back to the store and buy that flipping crazy bra. To post a pic here and to scare Sando off haha 🙂
      I hope you are feeling better girl!!! xxx

    • Oh my goodness hahaha! I think i need to go back to the store and buy that flipping crazy bra!! To post picturs here and to scare Sandro off 🙂 🙂
      Oh yes, I love my homemade Smoothies too, so easy and cheap.
      I hope you are feeling better girl!!! xxxx

  11. Yum my I am a fan of the pancake now that I get how to cook it! For active recovery I enjoy light yoga or foam rolling/stretching while catching up on my favorite TV shows 🙂 your eyes are gorgeous, you look beautiful with a bun! Hope the rest of your weekend is going well. Love + shine Courtstar

  12. Nadja says:

    Well the weather has been nice last week (but a bit cold) but yesterday night it started snowing. Awful Switzerland weather, it just makes me want to move to California or something like that. Really like that hairstyle, i wear my hair up everytime i don’t want to spend some time doing them in the morning 😉 And i looooove “beneath your beautiful”, can’t stop listening to it! Hope you had a great weekend 🙂 xoxo

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