Thankful Thursday#19 – I am thankful for you.


14. March 2013 by swissfitchick

Hey readers!

Thankful Thursday! It is always a good sign when it is Thankful Thursday because it means we’re closer to the weekend!!

25ecf49000a1739b_111-xxxlarge_11Jessie, who hosts this campaign, is off to her trip to the states!! I am so excited for her and celebrate this day while thinking of her.

As the title says: I am thankful for you my readers.

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I started this blog about half a year ago – this is actually my 107th article (!!!) as kind of a diary for myself. I always LOVED to write. Writing is therapy. Writing keeps me sane, it calms me down, it eases my mind. Writing is a bit like Yoga for me. Take a deep breath. Throw some words out there. Be present. Be centered. Be calm. Say what you think, be authentic, be yourself. I used to write for myself, but that just didn’t do the thing. I did not keep up with it, I did not read it again etc. I realized, that when I put it ‘out there’, I actually have a motivation. If someone reads it or not – on a blog, it looks prettier. I went back to read my thoughts again, just because it ‘looked’ better. Stupid I know, but that’s what design is for, right?


It’s funny to see how I developed skills ( I know, I know, there is a LOT to improve still) and how it grew – not only did I grow with it, but also my readership, my followership. I feel so honored. Flattered. That so many people follow me or actually click on my www to read about my life. Which is not exciting at all. But sometimes, that’s what makes it even more interesting and inspiring.

For me, blogs I read are…..funny. Inspiring. Touching. Exciting. Beautiful. Helpful. Emotional. Simple. I can’t really say what a blog makes me coming back. Many of the voices behind these blogs have a simple life like me. No one of us is a celebrity or a rich superstar. But this is not necessary. That’s what we have in common and a lot more. Maybe we share a similar recovery / ED story. Maybe we share the love for almond butter. Maybe we have the same humor ( I think about this girl in specific πŸ™‚ ) Maybe I am extremely inspired by the words and attitudes or stories from some of them. Maybe I just love the recipes or the photos. It doesn’t matter, not for them and not for me. If I can help ONE person out there to take the courage to at least THINK about recovery, if I can inspire somebody with maybe only a single sentence, if only one person copies my recipe and if I feel better by writing – that’s already a great luck.


You have no idea what the comments mean to me. Many read, some comment. That is absolutely fine, a comment is not a must at all. Of course, I am interested in your thoughts and it’s always great to get feedback. Some touch my heart, some are criticising, which I appreciate a lot too and some make me laugh – whatever, it’s always such a pleasure to read through all of them. THANK YOU SO MUCH.


I am still in early recovery. I have a post in mind about my overtraining which will come soon and I know that I still have many sick patterns around in my life. I relapse here and there. But with blogging, it all got better with baby steps. Slowly, but steady. I am NOT recovered. But writing let me keep being aware of where I stand and what is going on. Reading other blogs give me the sight from a other perspective which is SO helpful. People who write emails, Twitter, comments help me to stay on track, motivate me, console me, inspire me, criticize me, or give me hints. I feel good in the blogger world. There is some criticism floating around and some tabu subjects – but I try not to bother too much. This is my blog and I feel that I should be free to write what I like – of course without hurting anyone. But I am feeling good with what I do and I ‘met’ so MANY wonderful, strong, impressive and inspiring persons since I started this blog. If someone thinks I am a weirdo, thinks what I write is sick or thinks I live my life the wrong way – avoiding my posts is just a click away.

I do hope that you stay – you make me strong, my lovely readers. THANK YOU.




21 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday#19 – I am thankful for you.

  1. Thank you to you Lucie for your honesty, positivity and for always being such an inspiration. Happy Thursday!

  2. What an awesome thing to be thankful for! I am thankful for your great posts, your courage, and your honesty in your writing! Keep it up :).

  3. Your honesty is amazing but I am glad you have this outlet to share those thoughts and writings. Keep fighting!

  4. kepotts says:

    Beautiful post Lucie! Your readers appreciate all you give them just as much! Blogging has been a huge calming mechanism for my inner dialogue as well. Plus I’ve “met” a lot of fun ladies πŸ™‚

  5. Greta says:

    Thank YOU!! Not also for your gorgeous food picks and healthy suggestions how to make create those! Inspiring workout ideas! Wonderful glimpses of your personal life! Honesty! Courage! Beauty! For being real, Lucie! For being HERE with us!

  6. Nadja says:

    Thanks a lot to you! It’s always a pleasure for me to read your blog, whether it’s in the morning (it’s a good start for the day), during my lunch break or when I come back home in the evening (i allow myself to read blogs for 15min, such a good way to unwind from your day). Your blog always brings me hapiness because you’re such an inspiring and positive person! xoxo

  7. Awwr Lucie, thank YOU for blogging and just being overall wonderful. Your posts are always a pleasure to read because they’re so honest and genuine, and your coments always bring a smile to my face. Love you, lady!!

  8. Lisa says:

    Such a beautiful post!!!
    I’m thankful for you blogging and putting your voice and words out there for us all to read and absorb!
    You’re so authentic and an awesome person all round!

  9. Thank you for blogging! I haven’t been reading your blog for long, but I’m already a fan πŸ˜€
    Seriously such a nice post – I’m thankful you picked up the hobby! :-p

  10. Awwwwwwwww…..wwwwwwwwwwww! I love this post! And I LOVE you! And you know what? As soon as I read that about the sense of humor…and before I even clicked on the link, I just KNEW you were talking about me! I literally brought my hand to my chest!

    So much love in this post! I could NOT agree with you more about the support, encouragement, motivation, inspiration, and just overall sense of “togetherness” that I find in the blogging community…honestly, it’s hard to remember what my life was like before I stumbled upon this whole other world over 2 years ago. Like you, there are SO many different reasons that bring me back to certain blogs. And also, I LOVE it when readers comment…it truly makes my day to have that line of communication with people I truly call some of my dearest friends…even though I’ve yet to actually meet half of them! πŸ˜€

    I’m so glad you started blogging and I’m so glad that you found me so that I found you! Don’t ever stop being the fun, flirty, fabulous YOU! xoxox

  11. Thank you for being such a beautiful soul + sharing your journey + inspiring us! You rock! Love + Shine Courtstar

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