Thankful Thursday #18 – are you proud of yourself?


7. March 2013 by swissfitchick

Let’s think about a few things today we are thankful for. Before you read on, sit back – ponder – and pick 3 things you are thankful for in your life. It can be that you spotted a flower this morning on the way to work or that you look forward to a yummy breakfast, but maybe also that you have a wonderful family or that you are thankful to have a job and food. There is ALWAYS something we can be thankful for.

Thankful Thursday is hosted by my friend Jessie, who is very busy currently with studying and other things in life which makes the need of a little cut back on blogging. We need that once in a while – Blogging takes up a lot of time and sometimes we need to reset the priorities and go for what’s most important in life.


Anyway, I celebrate the tradition today. I am thankful for






These 2 things have been in my life, then they left or I made them leave and it took me YEARS to bring them at least partly back in my life. We need to love ourselves and we have to be proud on ourselves. Each one of us achieves things every day. It’s not necessary to achieve huge goals to show us some love or to be proud of ourselves. But the positivity of these 2 factors and the direction they lead our thoughts to, is so healing.

Look at me.

Foto-7I had a STICKER on my right eye. And my socks are drawn up way too high and I am not very sure about the pants either. But do you get the message of the pic? ‘I am Lucie and I think I am fantastic’. I had no problem AT ALL with this terrible sticker on my eye and I was convinced, that I am a great person and that the world is richer because of me (ok, that might be a bit too much :-))

What I want to say is: Look at this girl. I tell it to myself so many times – look at the little Lucie-girl. Would you tell her, that she is ugly? Fat? Not good enough? Not perfect enough? Lame? Shabby? Nah. If she had self-doubts, if she were sad, if she would feel insecure, I would give her a hug. A HUG. Not words that beat her down and make her feel even worse. I would tell her, that she is amazing, and that emotions like this aren’t there to be ashamed of, but to reflect herself and to grow stronger.


Same with a friend. If a friend feels down, unmotivated or thinks she/he is not good enough, would you motivate the friend by saying things like:’ Well, of course you can’t do it. You don’t deserve it anyway.’ Or:’ Look at you. You are a lame duck and you can’t get anything right.’. NO!!! At least not me. I tell them, that they are wonderful, beautiful and adorable. That they achieve so many things every day. That they need to take little steps and that they came so far already. That they should not give up and that I will be there for them, ANYTIME. Above all: That they should be PROUD of themselves. That they should show themselves some self-love.


Isn’t it amazing how naturally it is to show love to others and be proud of them and how tough it can be to do the same to ourselves? At least for me. Isn’t it paradox, that we want to change something we don’t like and exactly BECAUSE we want to achieve that we NEED to first accept and love ourselves the way we are now?

I am having a hard time to be positive with myself, but I am doing way better than a few months or years ago. Since I build myself up with GOOD words, I feel and act so much better. My recovery makes progress, BECAUSE I am proud of myself and BECAUSE I tell myself that I deserve Love.


What helps me a lot, are 2 things. One is what I talked about above – I imagine, I am still the little girl. I act so much kinder if I allow myself to deserve pride and selflove. Besides that, it doesn’t mean, that we only deserve hugs, understanding, tolerance, pride and selflove when we are kids – we deserve it just as much when we are grown up men and women.


The other thing is, that I tell myself every night before I go to bed at least one thing I am proud of from that day. There is ALWAYS one thing. Even if I relapsed, if I overexercised, if I ate too many cookies, if I did not work hard enough, if I was sad all day, if I skipped meals – there is always something positive and great I achieved. For example, when I relapsed, I am proud, that I don’t fall in that huge hole anymore and that the intensity of the relapse is far from what it was in the past. If I was sad all day and ate cookies, I am proud, that I still did a good job at the office and had a good workout. In the morning, while my meditation, I tell myself a tiny goal I want to achieve for the day. Something small, that does not stress me out. If I can tell myself in the evening, that I did it, even better. If not, I try again tomorrow. No guilt, no beat, just Love and Pride.

So yesterday – I was very proud of my workout. I did my heavy lifting session  with my trainer and he even sent me a message later to tell me that I did great, that was so motivating and made me really happy! And I got all the work done in the office I wanted.

My goal for today is, not to let me stress out of all the sugar treats we have in the office and which is a bit dangerous for me. I want to achieve, that I can be around ‘dangerous’ food without being scared and relapse. This is a big goal, so I am taking babysteps. AND – SMILE!!!


What are you proud of today? 

Do you set mini-goals, for a day, a week, a month? 



17 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday #18 – are you proud of yourself?

  1. That last picture is so cute Lucie! Great job on the workout, it always gives me such a boost when someone makes that extra effort to congratulate me.

  2. Thank you so much! Yes, it’s even more motivating if someone tells you what a great job you did!

  3. Greta says:

    I adore your smile!
    And this post!
    So well written. I’m really bad at being proud of myself. I usually blame it on luck, other people, circumstances – but not myself. I used to think I’m worse than… anybody. Well, used to! I’m really trying to love and cherish myself and what I do.
    Ok, today I’m proud of making to the gym this morning – I wasn’t really in the mood. For doing most of my work at the first half of the day, so I could leave early. And I’ll be probably make some good dinner for two… So hell yeah, I’m close to the superwoman, or what? 😀

    Thank you again, for this inspiring post, sweetie!

    • Girl, you KNOW you can be so proud of you. You do know it, you just have to tell it loud to yourself!!! There is so much you achieved and still are achieving every day.

  4. Love the picture of you as a kid – adorable. I found that incredibly helpful in recovery as well – I kept a picture of myself at four years old within view of my bedroom mirror, and whenever I would want to berate myself for being fat or for (in my head) overeating, I would imagine I was saying it to the girl in the picture. It would stop me dead in my tracks!

    • Oh I love that you had a picture of you on the mirror!! Such a great idea! And I am glad to hear that it helped you so I can be sure to be on the right track, thank you!

  5. Courtney @ Star Systemz says:

    Beautiful post! I think that going back in time and reminding yourself of that little child is so important and so many have a difficult time finding that inside of themselves. Before I go to bed at night I wash my hands and imagine all of the negative energy or anything I found hurtful that day running down the drain and away from me. This helps me sleep at night and starting my day off with an affirmation helps too 🙂 thank you for sharing your photos are adorable 🙂 Love + Shine Courtstar

  6. Lisa says:

    I love this beauty! You’re so right. I would never talk to a friend that way! (although I have had friends say these things about me), yah that was a bad time in my life. Really bad, but I however would never ever say those things to a friend. Or my therapist asks would you say these things to a child? Think of whenever you say negative things as saying them to your inner child. Would you speak that way to the 5 year old you? Chances are no.
    Okay, sorry blabbed on forever;)
    You are a gorgeous, lovely, friendly, and beautiful person inside and out!
    Thanks for this great post!

    • Girl…..if they said these things to you they are NOT friends!!! I can not believe that they would call themselves your friends if they did that to you, cause this is not what friends do!!! I hope you are done with such people and found true ones, cause you deserve only the best Hunn! Thank you so so much for that sweet comment, no blabla at all, just wonderful words, like you!

  7. Oh, Lucie, I love this BEAUTIFUL and heartfelt post so much! The paradox you mention about needing to love and accept ourselves before we can positively change couldn’t ring more true! This is something I still struggle with–there are lingering habits from my ED days that I’m not proud of, but I’m not able to completely let go of them because I haven’t FULLY embraced myself for who I am. But the truth is that we are perfect the way we are right now–right in THIS moment. I firmly believe that each step, struggle and triumph is placed in our lives for a reason because those experiences enable us to grow. I try to remind myself of that every day–especially when I’m feeling discouraged.

    The picture of you as a child is so precious, and proves your point so well—the way we treated ourselves when we were young–with love and acceptance–is the way we should treat ourselves today. I have a picture of myself at the age of four on my desk, but I think I’m going to move it to my bedside so that I can remind myself of these things before I go to bed each night and when I wake up in the morning. Thank you for the inspiration! You shine inside and out, and I’m so grateful to call you a friend! ❤ xoxo

    • Oh thank you so much Hunn for that lovely comment. You truly are beautiful inside and out!! It takes a long time to recover and breaking these year long habits is hard and needs much endurance and strength! But you will get there and so will I, we just need to take babysteps.
      I love the idea of putting your girlie-photo to your bedside. We need to honor the inner child, it helps so much!

  8. Nadja says:

    Lucie you are such a strong woman! You really inspire me everyday and you should totally be proud of you! I love your positive approach of life. Also love that last picture of you, beautiful smile 🙂

  9. You have such a gorgeous smile! It lights up your entire cute little face! I love it…I love this post…and I love you! It definitely takes courage to take those baby steps towards achieving something really important. I am so proud of you for reminding yourself of the positives and staying strong…because you ARE strong…inside AND out! xoxo

    Today, I am proud for trusting myself to listen to my body and what it wanted. Even if that meant eating “snacky” foods all day long instead of having “structured” meals. I would normally feel so incredibly guilty for that and try to talk myself into eating differently because that’s the way I’m “supposed to” but that’s not what I WANTED today. So I did what I wanted and it felt GREAT!

    • Awe thank you so much Lovie!!! You’re such a sweetheart.
      And I can so relate on struggle a little with snacky days. And you can be SO proud to listen to your body and go for it!!

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