Friday Favorites


15. February 2013 by swissfitchick

Hi friends!

Aaaaaah… is FRIDAY. I LOVE Friday. Do you? I think it is the perfect time to share some of my favorites of the week!

My absolute Super-Favorite was that we had sunshine yesterday. I was out for a run very early when it was still dark, and I could already see that the stars are visible and that the sky is clear. It was about -10°C so freeeeezing, but SO beautiful.


Fashionwise, it’s my flares I bought in Spain. I can not believe they are coming back! I love flares. They remind me of my Mom. She wore them when I was a child ALL the time.

image (3)

Together with that my bracelets! I am so addicted to jewelry and watches. I can not stop buying it. I mean it’s never really expensive jewelry, more like bling – still, I love it. The only problem is the space. I did not find yet an appropriate, pretty and convenient way to store it. This way it hangs and lies around everywhere in my bathrooms. Remember I have 2 appartements, which means I can have double time messy corners. Ha. Do you have messy corners? Mine are pretty well hidden. But be sure, they exist.

image (1)

Seeing my hand on this picture, I have to tell you, that I have freckles on my hands. Some people obvioulsy think that these are age spots. I already got several hints how to get them off. I found that a bit irritating. I mean, I know these are freckles, because I have them since ever. And even if they turn into age spots, I don’t intend to eliminate them, I don’t see a reason? Or is it something considered to be ugly? Whatever, I never thought about ‘cleaning’ my skin on my hands.

Now let me tell you something that is really exciting for me! I know it is only me, since many of my readers are starbloggers and have like 3Mio followers, but I just got 90 followers on twitter and 72 on my blog, for me, that is HUGE and makes me so happy that there are actually people who want to read my babbles 🙂


I try to read other blogs as much as possible, even though I can’t do as much every day. I mean, I have a job 🙂 but for me it is the perfect break and besides that, I find so many things, inspiration, recipes, tips etc. I want to share. Let me give you a few examples.

Amanda said, cleaning your brush with baby shampoo works perfectly well. She was right. I tried it and am convinced. Besides that I love her blog. She is the master of words.

image (4)

This girl posts the most beautiful pictures on her posts. And the texts…..well. Read them and you know why I am addicted!

My favorite quote of this week came from my friend Jessie: ‘It wasn’t until I realized, that I am in control, I write my future, where I started feeling happiness. I was no longer looking at this journey as a chore, but more of a goal; more of a sense of accomplishment. Just imagining the day when my dreams come true, is all I need right now.

Gina’s blog is fantastic. I can not decide which post I like the most or which recipe or workout, because I love them all equally. She has a Wintershapeup Challenge running, you should check it out! Full of good recipes, mealplans and workouts!


Danielle is the Paleo genius and a fantastic Health Coach. Read my testimonial here. But before you do, bake here Mini Paleo Brownie Bites to munch on! Deeeeeelicious.

I love all the posts of Sara, but this one about Clean Eating is my absolute favorite. So worth reading!!

If you want Pancakes – and I mean like genius, pretty, tasty, wonderful, addicting pancakes in 7000 different versions then you MUST follow the Pancake Queen.

Heather's creations!!

Heather’s creations!!

Talking about deliciousness, Miss Lisa is pretty creative too when it comes to healthy cooking. I absolutely love her buckwheat bowl.

Now on to some more food! I had these roasted Edamame beans in Spain and loved them. Too bad I can not get them here! The picture is awful since I took it while Sandro was driving, woops!


I am a fan of my own breakfasts #sorrynotsorry.

Perfect Fit Blueberry Pancakes

Perfect Fit Blueberry Pancakes

Protein-Banana-Muffin, Pomegranate, Avocado

Protein-Banana-Muffin, Pomegranate, Avocado

This weeks morning runs were much better, since the days get longer and it started to brighten up while my run in the park! I can not wait for spring to come! It means I can start running in the forest again, which I like so much better.

I did my Tabata in the snow though, but it was fine, it’s actually a pretty good base 🙂

I also rocked TRX bootcamp yesterday and will again tonight. I love these classes.


That’s it – I am off for the weekend!

What is one favorite thing of your week?

Your plans for the weekend???



29 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I love this post, almost as much as I love you! Have a fabulous time with Sandro this weekend ❤

  2. Congratulations on your followers – I know exactly how that feels being a new and busy blogger myself :). Hope you have a wonderful weekend Lucie!

  3. mrwalkntalk says:

    Great post, lots of neat info! Keep going with your blogging, you’re great!


  4. Danielle says:

    Love the outfit Lucie! And hooray for the sunshine!!! So very much needed. Thank you for including me in your list of blogs. Fitnessista has always been one of my favorites! She’s such an awesome blogger!

  5. Friday rocks! Happy Friday! 🙂

    Those roasted edamame snacks sound AWESOME. I love edamame :).

  6. kepotts says:

    Love TRX workouts, it’s so neat that you can use your bodyweight! Awesome flares & paired with the aviators, the outfit “works” 🙂 Congrats on the followers also, I get super-excited about things like that. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Something amazing from my week? Definitely getting your package yesterday! Omigosh I can’t even tell you how big of a smile it put on my face. Love you girlie! And I’m so glad that the baby shampoo trick worked for you! Also, for organizing your jewelry, have you ever tried one of those hanging organizers that you can hang on the back of your closet door or even in your closet? Those are really great for saving space and cleaning up clutter! This is the sort of thing I mean:

    Happy Friday, love!

  8. those crunchy edamame snacks looks delicious, i wish i could find them near me.

  9. Greta says:

    Well, my awesome Swiss friend, I want to compliment you on everything: the run when it’s still dark, those jeans (love love love), the yummiest pancakes and workouts; but above all your tribute to those blogs you enjoy (mine included hehehe!) This is what makes you so awesome, so friendly and wonderful! Being happy about yourself and others is inspiring! I wish all the bloggers were just like you!
    My weekend? Fingers crossed I’ll spend it at home (ok, I’ll go to the gym, but that’s it!)

  10. Lisa says:

    Such a cute outfit love! I still need to try that cleaning trick for makeup brushes! Especially because cleaning stuff can be so expensive it’s a pain!
    Awe, thank you for your kind works lovely!
    Wahoo, great job on rocking the TRX class! I have one and I love it, that little thing is so neat!
    Have a great weekend!

    • The cleaning trick is great, and it even smells soooo good! Me too, I have one at home and am loving it. So easy to use yet so effective!
      And you are welcome. You know I love your recipes!

  11. Aww, Lucie! Thank you for the shout-out! ❤ I'm so grateful that we became friends because I absolutely LOVE reading your blog. Hopefully we'll have a chance to meet someday, too…I'm saving for a trip to Europe, and will of course try to visit Switzerland when I come. (I have family friends in Zurich!) 🙂

    I'm pretty excited about the return of flare jeans, and I absolutely adore the pair you bought in Spain. So chic! It took me two years to warm up to skinny jeans, but now they're all I own. I think it's time to start diversifying my pant wardrobe. 🙂

    Messy corners? YES! They're all over my room…I dream of being one of those super organized people who has drawers, containers, hooks etc for everything, but I have a long way to go. And I'm a fan of your breakfast creations, too–especially that protein banana muffin! Want to share the recipe??? 😉

    Happy weekend, lovely!! ❤

    • Oh my God YES!!!! Please come to visit me! That would be so flipping cool! And I can not get over that you have family friends here in Zurich!
      Well my mom is one of these. She has a silkpaper in between EVERY shirt to keep them sleek. And the p.e.r.f.e.c.t. order. Good thing is she always has the urge to clean up my cupboard when she visits me, fine for me, hahaha 🙂
      The Muffin is the easiest thing and also the reason why I make it so often: 1 banana, 2 eggwhites, tiny bit of baking powder, 1scoop protein powder (any type works), cinnamon. Whisk all together, pour in a microwave safe cup and cook in microwave for 3-4 min. Of course you need to top it with your fave toppings to make it look pretty. I always think this way it tastes so much better 🙂
      Happy weekend girl, love ya!!

  12. lifeandfitnessbyashley says:

    I love Amanda’s trick to clean my makeup brushes too! Congrats on the followers!

  13. nadja says:

    Congrats for reaching this number of Followers! It’s great, especially since you didn’t start your blog a long time ago! I also loooooved the fact that the weather’s getting better in Switzerland! I really like doing long walks (alone or with my mum :D) so it’s better when it’s sunny 😉 sorry that i haven’t commented your two last blog posts earlier but i like totally forgot to read them because i was freaaaking out with my exams results that came on Friday, and to be honest, there not as good as i wished so i was a bit angry 😉 and i’m starting 2nd semester again tomorrow and this means less time to workout and to cook (noooooo i just had holidays for 3 weeks so i’m not ready to start school again yet ;)). Hope you had a great weekend! xxx

    • Oh girl, don’t be sorry!!! I know you have a life 🙂 and I am happy about any comment of you no matter when! I am sorry to hear that your exam results weren’t as good as you expected. I am still sure you did your best and believe me, I admire you for being so disciplined and straight with studying. I hope I can brighten up your study days with some fun posts and if you ever need a break amd want to visit Basel or Zurich you are always welcome!! Big Hug!! xxx

      • Nadja says:

        Thanks a lot for these kind words and yes reading your blog often brighten my study days! And i totally want to come to Basel or Zurich 🙂

  14. “My absolute Super-Favorite was that we had sunshine yesterday.” – I love you SO much! Sunshine is the best isn’t it! Haha! 😡

    That’s AWESOME on the followers! So proud of you sweetie! And wow, seriously, you’ve got me craving some avocado and pomegranate…never thought to have them together before…brilliant!

    Thanks so much for the pancake love m’dear! But really…you’re making me blush! 🙂

    • Oh yeaheahah sunshine is theeeee best. Everything is better when the sun is shining !
      You are welcome Darling – you deserve all the promotion!! By the way, this Tuesday the Pear-Pancakes will happen!!! Will keep you posted! 🙂

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