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8. February 2013 by swissfitchick

Hey y’all!

Are you ready – for the weekeeeend???


I am. I SO am. I know that is not a correct english sentence but it’s how I want to express how much I am ready for the weekend.

I have to be honest to you, I wasn’t in a ‘high’ this week. I also wasn’t in a ‘low’ but I definitely had  better weeks. Nothing bad happened, but I am just so stressed out by the winter and by this awful weather. Yes, I know there are definitely worse things to be worried about, but this is what bothers my right now. The days are grey, it’s snowraining most of the days, it’s bittercold and wet. Going outside is always a drag and since I absolve my daily schedule with the bike, this weather does not make my life easier currently. And I miss the sun, I feel tired and sluggish and really can’t wait for the spring. I do compensate my stressfeelings with too many treats what makes me feeling guilty and which leads me to overtraining again. I could get by this week, but I struggled and am really tired and can’t wait to get some rest. And if you by now are bored and annoyed by my moaning please forgive me and keep reading, because now we get to the fun and marvelous things from this week!

I am a fan of staying at home all day and night when it’s weather like this and pamper myself with this…..

I can not get enough of this nail polish lately, I just want them to be red. This one is called ‘RED – the fortune cookie’ which is the perfect name I think.

I ordered these 3 hairbands from Nike!!! I can’t wait for them to arrive. My hair drives me crazy when I workout and these are perfect and look so pretty.


Since I was already on it to do some online shopping why not get another bargain?? I mean….right? And I mean like really….these were on BIG SALE and will fly into my office very soon for only 37 CHF!! Yayness!


I love wearing heavy boots with skirts. Rock it.

Ok, now on to some food and activity. Regarding activity – I have some troubles getting up in the morning and take my pajamas off. Sorry for TMI, but the point is, that my back and my arms are SO sore from my heavy weight lifting workout, I really move like a grandma (sorry grandma). Foamrolling must happen!!

2013-02-05 19.01.02image(3)

Not only my muscles were sore, my hands were suffering too – means, a beauty session with hand treatment is planned for the weekend!!

image (1)

I still went to TRX Bootcamp class which wasn’t too bad as it was a lighter workout with a bit of Cardio, perfect for a moderate activity. On the weekend I will definitely have one full restday, truly needed!!

Did you see that a new #plantPower challenge is happening in the blogger world?? Heather and Kasey are rocking it big time and it is really cool. I am in this time since I missed the last one and went for a lot of fresh plantstuff.

image (3)

United colors of #plantPower

On the go Salad Bowl

On the go Salad Bowl

Protein-Coconut-Banana-Pancakes (recycled pic)

Protein-Coconut-Banana-Pancakes (recycled pic)

Unpacked salad bowl. In the mix: peppers, cucmbers, smoked salmon, cherry tomates, strawberries & Balsamic Vignerette

Unpacked salad bowl. In the mix: peppers, cucmbers, smoked salmon, cherry tomates, strawberries & Balsamic Vignerette

For too long I wanted to try this recipe from Meg. I have no idea what took me so long. This is definitely one of the BEST brinners (breakfast for dinner) I had in a long time!!!I am stucked big time.

Whipped Cocoa Cottage Cheese topped w. fresh strawberries

Whipped Cocoa Cottage Cheese topped w. fresh strawberries and raw almond butter

I made a small adaption by putting only 1 tbsp cocoa but added 1 scoop of Sunwarrior protein. It was to die for, yummmmmmm.

Ok friends, that’s it for today! I am off to Zurich later in the day and will be back here on Monday for MIMM, with all the weekend news!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Do you like online shopping? Sometimes when I am bored at work (oh, hi Boss!:-)) – if I look for something very specific it just saves time instead of going downtown and have to pound the streets. Otherwise, I love being in the shops and try the things on right there. And take them home right away!!

What are your favorite berries? Blueberries, Strawberries

Do you participate in the #plantPower challenge? Yes!! It’s fun, a good motivation, gives MANY new ideas and recipes and awesome givaways!!



18 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Yay for great minds thinking a like and both having fun dancing people in the beginning of the post. I swear, were like long lost sisters. I mean we do both have blonde hair. Those boots are to freaking cute, and you will totally rock them 🙂 🙂 Have the most wonderful time in Zurich this weekend & we will talk soon.

    p.s. I’m still so happy we are now FB friends!

    • Awe yes. I am beyond excited that we are FINALLY Facebook friends!! I mean since we are sisters we also need to connect via Facebook 🙂 You enjoy your weekend too, sweetie!! xxx

  2. Greta says:

    Bahaha! That peanut made me dance too!!!
    And my hands look just like yours – I hate those corns on hand palms! And I can’t avoid them even wearing the most protective gloves while lifting!!! 😦 But your beautiful nails make up for everything!
    No online shopping for me! I have to touch things! But those boots look awesome!
    Have a wonderful weekend in Zurich! I’ll be waiting for your marvelous Monday post!

    • Totally agree, I need to touch things too! Sometimes it is just more convenient when I want something very specific and can not find it in a store. Sorry for your hands too! I try Reebok patches nex time, will see if they help.

  3. I have never seen those nike headbands but I am loving them!

  4. YUMMY! 😀 Thanks for trying my recipes 😀 !!!!!!!

  5. I am loving that nail polish color. I do not know why I never think to paint my nails red. It is so obvious, but I just seem to forget. Silly me! 😉

    That whipped cocoa cottage cheese sounds SO good. I will definitely be giving that a try!

  6. Love the nails! I struggle with winter too! It’s tough because it’s cold, dark, and snowy so certainly doesn’t help to boost your mood but we just have to work on other ways of brightening things up. Exercise, shopping, and nail painting are all key for me! By the way as I’m reading your blog 2 pv body shipments just got dropped off at my house for you! Woo hoo!

    • YAYYYYY!!!! So exciting!! I can’t wait till June – to get the gear BUT even more to meet you! And yes, winter is hard – thankfully there are things that brighten up these days like all what you said!

  7. Oh girl, you’re definitely not alone on the weather woes. It’s been cold and gray here too, and there have been times where we go weeks without really seeing the sun. Depressing for sure. BUT! we just have to keep in mind that it’s all downhill from here and Spring is close at hand. Until then, shopping, pampering, and good eating are key to those smiles, right?

    Happy Friday, hun!

    • Sooooo true!!! Spring is so near and I can’t wait! Positive thing with this slightly depressing time is that I need to listen even more to my inner self and what I need – so it’s a good practise 🙂 happy Weekend Love!!

  8. Happy Friday (now Saturday), Lucie!! Like you, I am SO relieved the weekend is here, as this has been one of the craziest (and wettest–go away, snowrain!) in memory. Nothing a little online and weekend shopping can’t fix though, right? 😉 I love the boots you ordered, and definitely agree that chunky boots can be super chic/bad*** with dresses and skirts.

    I’m so glad to hear that Meg’s cottage cheese recipe is as amazing as it looks! I still need to give it a try myself. Hopefully that will happen this weekend. 🙂

    Have lots of fun this weekend! I have nothing but happy memories of the time I spent in Zurich several years ago. 🙂 xoxoxo

    • You have been in Zurich??? Oh God how sad we didn’t know each other yet back then!! Would have been too cool to hang out here together.
      You definitely should try Megs Cottage Cheese, it’s soooooooooo (ok stop now:-)) good!!! It’s like one decadent dessert.
      Happy relaxing weekend girl!! xxx

  9. lifeandfitnessbyashley says:

    Hoping spring weather comes soon! The high in lake placid is 10 degrees hehe. Btw gap has some good clearance prices on boots too. Just picked up a pair for $25. Woot

    • Oh my Gosh. Why I am complaining??? 🙂 well tonight we go down to 5 degrees, and it’s snowing so hard, brrrrr.
      Great tip with gap have to check that out, thank you so much!!!

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