WIAW# 8 – What I ate Wednesday


30. January 2013 by swissfitchick

Welcome to WIAW party the last one this month!! I am glad when this wintertime flies over, since I am pretty fed up with winter.

So let’s head on to this fun party of foodporn hosted by brilliant blogger Jen at Peas and Crayons.

What WIAW isn’t about –

Comparison – Judgement – Restriction – Guilt

What WIAW IS about –

Celebrating one of the glorious things we all have in common: We all eat!


Great thing happened yesterday! My Vitacost order arrived! I do this every 3-4 months since the shipping costs to Switzerland are horrendous. BUT when the delivery guy arrives I immediately ignore any money issues and just focus on the crack inside the parcel! I ordered a ton of cereal for my man, and 2 jars of my all favorite AB. They were so nice to add 2 jars for free!! How cool is that?? New flavors of Questbars were in it as well, and Nutritional Yeast! I read about this a lot around the blogger world and wanted to try it. Perfect timing that Gina just posted these delish Peanut Butter Cup Amazeballz made with nutritional yeast.

2013-01-29 19.14.38

 Today I post some food I also had on Monday, so it will be more random meals rather than a whole day.

Monday lunch for example was a messed up savory pancake – I was planning to cook a frittata, but it didn’t turn out so well, so I decided it to be a pancake, which did not happen either. Anyway, this oat-coconut-egg-mess with some veggies on the side was really, really deicious.

Oat-Coconut-Egg-Pancake-Frittata & broccoli and cherrys

Oat-Coconut-Egg-Pancake-Frittata & broccoli and cherrys

In the evening, I joined an Aerobic class. A good, old Aerobic class. Do you remember these? I used to be obsessed about it and also about the outfits



I wore a more discrete one…..

Foto 2

My friend is an aerobic teacher and every now and then I join her class. It is so much fun, with all the music, dancing and some toning at the end. The time flies by! We went for dinner after and ordered the same salad as we do each time:

Lettuce, Goat Cheese, Chicken, Olives

Lettuce, Goat Cheese, Chicken, Olives

Breakfast this morning? Again back to the roots, I had my tasty pumpkin-protein-smoothie, so good!!!

Foto 4

It held me over until 1pm and even after my workout!! I added so many Chia Seeds, i think that gave me the satisfaction….but sure thing I was starving after the gym and was all over…..hm. A salad. I went to the supermarket to get something since I had no time for meal prep, and this was what I bought. Salad and chicken. Did I not just have it for dinner the day before?? Sometimes I am so NOT creative and boring, but oh well, it tasted good, yet not very filling. Thanks God I had some fresh coconut to add which gave the whole thing a nice exotic taste and something to chew!! 🙂

Foto 2

Not long and I grabbed some more food….

Veggie Sticks, more coconut, unpictured egg

Veggie Sticks, more coconut, unpictured egg

For dinner I craved dessert. Do you eat dessert for dinner? Or breakfast? It was a breakfast-dessert for dinner which I LOVE so much!!!

Cacao-Porridge & Pomegranate & Applesauce

Cacao-Porridge & Pomegranate & Applesauce

Oh, and talking about sweet breakfast – this morning I was in pancake heaven one more time. I prepared banana-pancakes – I swear, two of them are under there somewhere!

2013-01-29 19.13.18

That’s it for today loves, have a happy Wednesday!!



23 thoughts on “WIAW# 8 – What I ate Wednesday

  1. Girl, check your reciept because the ab may of just been on sale (buy one get one 1/2 off), so then you end up with 4. That happened with me when I ordered 5 milks.. I got 10, Ha Ha!

  2. Happy WIAW Lucie! Amazing on the free AB, I’m very envious. Your salad looks yummy too!

  3. Greta says:

    Oh, the aerobic classes!
    I used to do them 6 times per week. It was fun!
    Goat cheese in the salad is always a good idea as well as coconut anything anytime!!!

  4. P says:

    All of your eats look so delicious! I am waiting to make a vitacost/vegan foods store order to get some nutritional yeast, carob chips, etc…..i’m just waiting on my paycheck! 😛

  5. Breakfast for dinner – girl, you know I’m a huge fan! Breakfast is easily the best meal of the day so why limit it to the mornings? All of your eats look delicious, as always; and yay for getting packages full of good food! I swear that it feels like Christmas.

    Hope you’re having a great day!

    • Yes, I love Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner :-)) – oh and totally agree on the christmas feeling. I always want to hug the delivery guy but then hesitate since I suppose he would feel a little awkward 🙂

  6. Nadja says:

    Haha this post totally makes me think of me: sometimes i want to cook a pancake or an omelette and it just ends up being scrambled eggs because… i always try to flip it while it’s actually not cooked. Mmh patience is not really my thing 😉

  7. i adore pomegranate seeds, so yum

  8. Everything looks incredibly delicious, Lucie! I’m drooling over your oat-coconut-egg-pancake frittata breakfast. Sometimes the “mistakes” make the best meals, don’t they?! Both of your chicken salads look amazing, too. Love the addition of fresh coconut!

    As far as dessert for dinner goes: YES! It happens at least once/week, but usually more! I find that my meals switch between sweet and savory, so if my afternoon snack meal is savory, dinner is usually sweet. 🙂

    Happy Wednesday! ❤

    • Thanks Sara! I totally agree, the ‘messes’ are mostly the most delish ones 🙂
      And I am totally with you on the savory/sweet switch. Sometimes it is also Dinnfast – Dinner for Breakfast! 🙂

  9. Lift, Sleep, Eat says:

    Mmm all of your eats look delicious – i tried the lemon cream pie quest bar for the first time yesterday; I loved it! Yum! Wish they were more widely available in the uk!

    • Oh that’s so funny, I tried the lemon cream pie today for the first time! And I loved it too! I always have to order them since I can’t get them here in Switzerland either.

  10. That pancake may look messy, but it sounds really good! I love savory breakfasts :).

  11. It’s been awile since I’ve done an aerobics class, but they are really fun! I’ve been loving pom seeds too. Happy WIAW!

  12. livliveslife says:

    Well, even though that fritatta pancake thing didn’t work out, it looks delicious! And unfortunately, I usually crave dessert or breakfast for EVERY meal of the day! 😉

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