Thankful Thursday #11


17. January 2013 by swissfitchick

Happy Thursday!

Today I celebrate Thankful Thursday hosted by Jessie a big thank you to this beautiful lady.


Today I am thankful for friends.

First of all:

My friends are here when I need them – they support me and never let me down whatever happens.



My friends make me laugh. Isn’t it the best to have belly laughs with your best friend??



Simone – my ‘oldest’ friend – since 30 years!!!!

My friends critisize me. I want that and I need that. I want to know what my friend’s opinions are, no matter if it is what I want to hear. This is the best way to reflect yourself.


My friends discuss with me the meaning of life, the weather, new fashion, problems&issues, jokes or TV shows.



My friends share the joys of life with me – such as….. Shopping for hours and talk about the latest news at the same time (with the females). Going for dinner, having good food, good wine and endless talks (with the females and the males). Hanging around at home together and watching movies&shows (and gossiping about it). Going for a workout and make each other working its booty off.  Partying&Dancing until the shoes hurt. Having talks on the phone for hours (…you could also have met in the same time).


549599_10150960419906846_452960580_n (2)

Most of all, my friends show me how beautiful my soul and my heart is. As much as we beat ourselves with words, as we are restrictive and disciplined with ourselves, as much as we get frustrated about our mistakes and ‘fails’, as much as we sometimes don’t like ourselves and tell ourselves awful stuff – we would never do this to a friend. We might criticize a friend or have a disagreement, but we would never ever hurt our friend or make him/her feel shabby or bad. I love my friends and I want them to feel good around me. I want to make them laugh, I want to make them strong. If they need my support, I am there and if they want to talk, I listen. If they feel sad, I comfort them and encourage them. I would never tell them that they are a failure or not good enough because it is NOT true.


These are the situations when we should look at ourselves and say:’ If you can be such a good friend for your friends, why aren’t you one for yourself?’ We should treat ourselves with exactly the Love that we give to others. Because we deserve it. Friends show us who we really are.





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12 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday #11

  1. Thankful Thursday that Sounds like an amazing idea…. Just to sit back and be grateful. Once you practice the behavior of something positive like this. It becomes routine……. I love this. keep up the great work.

  2. Lucie, this post is just beautiful. Your friends are beyond lucky to have such an amazing, confident, honest, sweet & gorgeous person in their lives. Never change who you are, because you have blessed so many ❤

  3. cleanfoodcreativefitness says:

    What a brilliant post! I wouldn’t get very far in life without a few good friends to share it with and I’m so happy to now call you one of them!

  4. a 30 year friendship!? That’s AMAZING! I would seriously love to have a long friendship like that, but I’ve managed to fall out of touch with so many of the people that I grew up with. Sometimes I think about trying to reach out and find them, but I have no idea if too much time has gone by. But yes… friends are definitely something to be super thankful for. Blends too 😀

    • Oh I know what you mean. Sometimes friends just go different ways and I think that is ok, I lost touch with many people too – that’s life. This long friendship I have is really special and it is the BEST to talk and laugh about the old times 🙂

  5. Your friends seem amazing, i wish i could say I have a 30 year friendship. you guys must know each other so well

  6. Greta says:

    This is an awesome post!
    I’m so happy that so many great people are surrounding you, Lucie.
    I’ve lost most of my friendships to the ed. I shut down from people for the biggest part of my life. So, there only a few left and I’m holding to them tightly…

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