WIAW# 6 – What I ate Wednesday


16. January 2013 by swissfitchick

Good morning!
Welcome to Wednesday’s Foodporn-Party ‘What I ate Wednesday’ (Tuesday) hosted by

Miss genius JEN at Peas and Crayons!!!


—-What WIAW isn’t about—-
Comparison – Judgement – Restriction – Guilt
—-What WIAW is about—-
Celebrating one of the glorious things we all have in common: We all eat!
Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

I had to put together an ‘on-the-go’ breakfast for Tuesday morning, as I had to travel back from Zurich to Basel by train. This is what happened:

Hardboiled eggwhites, peppers, homemade Hummus

Hardboiled eggwhites, peppers, homemade Hummus

Sorry for the poor lightening. I need a camera!! Besides that, it was a good fuel. I did a leg circuit first thing after my morning meditation which was killing and this was a perfect post-workout-meal.

Lunch? I had a date with a very good friend of mine and we share the obession of Dean&David – a Saladbar near my office where you can put together your own salads. I could go there every.single.day.

Lettuce, Beefstrips, Parmigiano, Cucumber, Grapes, Artichokes - Sherry-Elder-Dressing

Lettuce, Beefstrips, Parmigiano, Cucumber, Grapes, Sugarpeas, Artichokes – Sherry-Elder-Dressing

Before my After-Work-Workout I wanted a snack and couldn’t decide…..Coconut-Cashew, Cinnamon Roll or Apple Pie? I went for Cinnamon Roll! I love Questbars!!

Foto 5

I was thinking about drinking this but then I wanted to save it for a morning when it is cold and snowy. I usually don’t drink milky drinks, but once in a while it is delicious and a need. I had this before and it is really good – but a bit expensive too.

Green Chai Latte

Green Chai Latte

I had my first training at the new gym and I love it!!! The trainer, Daniel,  (the gymboss) was pretty tough :-). He has exactly the approach to fitness which I love and I think I will be in good hands when my coaching with Shannon is over in order to supervise my issues with overtraining and unstableness with body image. I also love that they have a TRX and also TRX Bootcamp classes, Kettle bells, sandbags, foam rolls and all the stuff I use for my multifunctional workouts.

I prepped my dinner in the morning and was so glad to just sit down and enjoy:

Giant roasted prawns

Giant roasted prawns

Holy Yumm again!!

Spinach, Lettuce, Giant Prawns, 1/2 Pepper, Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes / Balsamic-Lemon-Dressing

Spinach, Lettuce, Giant Prawns, 1/2 Pepper, Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes / Balsamic-Lemon-Dressing

Never miss out on some sweeteness in your life…..

2013-01-15 20.09.12Happy Wednesday friends!!



29 thoughts on “WIAW# 6 – What I ate Wednesday

  1. Esthi says:

    Mmmmm….our salads were really yummy…:-)
    Thanks so much again for all your great tips!
    I tried the blogilates arm workout last night and now I cant lift my arms this morning! Wonder how Im gonna get thru the day???
    Looking forward to when the stuff comes…:-)
    Big hugs!

    • Totally agree! We should have another lunch date soon to have even more of it 🙂
      Oh I am so glad you ‘liked’ the workout, haha 🙂 I know exactly how it feels, you are reminded of your workout all day 🙂
      Very welcome re. tips. Anytime!

  2. Danggg Lucie, you had such AWESOME salads yesterday. Can it be Nov/Dec already so we can meet up **fingers crossed**.

    p.s. it may be a day or so until I respond back to your e-mail.. again having to use caribou for internet. GRR!

  3. Ya know, I’ve been thinking that I need to give the cinnamon roll Quest bar another try. I did a review back in November and the one that I tried tasted like absolutely NOTHING! I was so disappointed…especially after hearing so many people RAVE about it. Wonder if I got a bad batch or something?? Your lunch salad looks divine! I LOVE make your own salad places…though I tend to get a bit carried away sometimes! Lol And holy mammoth shrimpies! LOVE it! I can never get enough of shrimp and scallops…my fave!

    Happy Wednesday gorgeous! xoxo

    • I do not love all the flavors from Quest either. For example chocolate brownie is not a fave of mine at all. But the cinnamon roll or especially the strawberry cheesecake or apple pie – holy yumm to say it in your words 🙂
      Totally agree about shrimps and scallops! Never get enough!

  4. sloanepitman says:

    THOSE SALADS OMG. I’m dying. Delicioso! PS. have you checked out my page today? You might want to…
    Have a great day!

  5. Wow Lucie I love the look of your salads. so fresh and colourful, yum! I hear so much about Quest bars and tempted to try them!

    • I am obsessed with salads, there is such a HUGE variety! And yes, Questbars are my favorite when it comes to bars. They are pretty filling and not a sugar/caloriebomb like other protein bars.

  6. cleanfoodcreativefitness says:

    Everything looks amazing Lucie! I’m drooling over those salads! So good. So happy to hear about your new trainer. He sounds great and it sounds like the perfect gym for you!

  7. Omigosh freshly grated cheese on salads is -amazing-. I haven’t even been craving veggies lately, but your lunch looks to die for. And ending the day with chocolate sounds perfect in my books 😀 Happy Wednesday, love!

  8. Greta says:

    God, Lucie! I dread every Wednesday, because I know I’d be looking at some awesome foods of yours and salivating in front of my Mac. Yes, it’s happening this very minute.
    That shrimp is humongous! Do you buy it frozen in the bags? I think I’ve seen it so big in Greek tavernas only. Gosh, I’m ready to kill for a bite of these!!!

    • Haha, girl you crack me up! I know, they are GIANT!!! Actually I found it at the ordinary supermarket – fresh. They only have them sporadically so I hoarded loads of them in the fridge now 🙂

  9. holy cow i am drooling over those beef strips and shrimp. so delicious!

  10. Lucie your meals look awesome! And I’ve never seen that chai tea but now I wanna try it!

  11. Those roasted prawns look simply amazing! oh my that salad looks fantastic 😀

  12. livliveslife says:

    That salad looks just incredible. I wish I lived near a salad bar – those things are amazing!

    Happy WIAW!

  13. Julie says:

    I always have some chocolate at night as dessert!

  14. Laura says:

    hey i came across your blog, because i googled quest bar schweiz and i would like to buy some. where do you buy yours? thanks for your answer 🙂

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