Resolutions, uh? Goals!!


4. January 2013 by swissfitchick


First of all – my Recipe Page and my Workout Page are up!! Go and check it out and let me know if you like it/like it not, any tips, comments? Talking about recipes: I am just having my pancakes while writing this post, and, yumm.



Now. I am starting to feel bad because since christmas is over, everyone is talking about resolutions. Resolution board, resolution achieving, etc. Hm. I am not very keen on doing resoulutions. And I don’t really smoke (occasionally) so I can’t try to stop. I just don’t know why I should do that exactly at the beginning of the year, why not when an idea or a goal or a dream pops up?



I am more a friend of goals, I think it s good to have goals here and there, but I always try to create them without too much pressure. I don’t want to beat myself down if I do not reach a goal on a certain date. I rather adapt the goal when I realize I can not achieve it in the way or on the date it was planned. Sure, I need to structure it to make it reasonable and that I have a motivation, but it just has to be realistic, right? I love these tips for setting goals from Gina. I have 2 goals in January, but that has a reason. My first goal is to shape up, to lose my last bit of weight and to define muscle. I did not want to do that earlier, because I wanted first to lose/maintain my weight for at least 6 month and to have a better relationship with food before I start this. I tried it in the past, but failed most of the time because I took the wrong approach . I would beat myself when I had a piece of chocolate, then had a relapse accordingly and everthing got even worse. Or I did something like a juice week – which made me really unhappy. I just didn’t realize that I am still quite deep in my bulimia.



Now I am more steady (not completely) and much more comfortable with myself and food and think I can go for this challenge. And I don’t set myself 4 weeks for this, I give myself again 6 months. No pressure. I am aware that I am still in recovery and that I have to be careful about my feelings and struggles. And besides that – who wants to lose weight in the holiday season?? Not me for sure.


The other goal is to absolve successfully my 3 months education (extra-occupational) in Real Estate Management which starts in 10 days. I got that possibility offered by my boss and I am very excited about it. It’s 2 years back since I finished my studies and it will be fun to learn again.

I will create more or other goals when the time is right – no matter about the date. And I will achieve it in the time I need – not the time that seems to be ‘appropriate’. If it takes me 2 months to lose 3 kilos, fine. If it takes me 6 months to do so, heck, totally ok! I am convinced, that if I have my goal clearly defined and keep the focus on it, I will make it. I slapped the ED in the face for so many times now, and this takes a lot of strength, believe me. And only because I always rose after falling and continued believeing that I can recover I am where I am today. I am not ED-free – but I have a much bigger distance to that disease/subject. So I will also be able to get in shape the way I want to.

Now on to some fun things. I was on a lunchdate with my friend Anne yesterday and I love her. First, because she is such a good friend and second because she always gives me her old magazines!! I am obsessed by magazines and this is SO nice from her, I have reads for the next 2 months now!

Girls Talk

Girls Talk

I am also obsessed by my frittatas lately. I made one last night, and an adapted one with cheese for Sandro. So good.


Chicken Frittata with Edamame and side salad


….with cheese

Since I found these bars the other day, I had to go back and get more….along with some really dark chocolate!

Vegan lifebars, dark chocolate with rasberries and pomegranate

Vegan lifebars, dark chocolate with rasberries and pomegranate

I DON’T like that my almond butter (Crunchy from Once Again – my fave) jar is empty 😦 always a scary moment. Phew, thanks God I have another one in the pantry…..


I am SO happy that all my orchids are in flower!!! This is the first time that they bloom ALL together. I think they made a pact. So they can look at each other. And then go withering all together again.

IMG_2051 IMG_2052

So my last weekend of my hols started and I will enjoy it to the fullest, I hope you will too! Sandro and me decided to go iceskating tomorrow night, I can’t wait….I LOOOOVE iceskating! I also plan to do some baking on the weekend, will share it on Monday or Tuesday.

I’d love to do another survey on Sunday. Do you know a good survey or have any questions you would like me to answer?

Are ou a resolution or a goal type? Any current goals?

Happy Weekend!!!



18 thoughts on “Resolutions, uh? Goals!!

  1. Ice skating?? Aw, that sounds so romantic & fun!! Yay for having Friday’s off =)

  2. Wow those orchids are so beautiful Lucie! I swear just one look at them would have me cheered up all day. Def out to buy a plant for my desk tonight! Have a great weekend and Friday off 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I am so happy that they bloom like this I could just stand there and look at them forever. I hope they last a while! Great weekend to you too girl!

  3. I’m so excited for you knew workout journey to begin. I always find fitness goals are super motivating for me! I’m excited to check out your recipe page too. Heading there now 🙂

  4. Happy 2013! Mhmm, pancakes for breakfast! Havent had that in a while, I think its about time. Oh, those lifebars look interesting!

    • Happy New Year to you too, Shannon! I love pancakes for breakfast. They are quick and easy, I mostly cook them the night before so I can right dig in in the morning 🙂

  5. I think that is a great approach, the all or nothing mentality is when the ed can just come creeping in. I know my desires for 2013 will take time and take discipline but I finally feel like I am in a place I can achieve them. Good luck to you.

  6. Nadja says:

    I totally agree with you on the goals! I’ll make mine as soon as i finish my exams (which means in 3 weeks) because for now i just can’t concentrate on something else than studying, studying and studying again.
    And i can’t wait to hear your stories about your new workouts and how it is going with your new coach etc… 🙂

  7. I think you’re taking an awesome approach to your goals, Lucie! The reason I don’t like the whole New Year’s Resolution thing is because it puts way too much pressure on people, and some just aren’t ready to make changes. Because of that, they end up failing at their goals which just discourages them from trying in the future. I think that constantly evaluating our lives and seeing what kind of changes need to be made is way better than just doing it once a year because it seems ‘right.’

    • Thank you love. This was exactly the frustrating experience I made in the past. I am much more relaxed about it thankfully. I think setting a goal is great at anytime and even if it is random like eating more almond butter 🙂

  8. Greta says:

    Thank you for the recipe and the workout page! Girl, you work out crazy! I wish I would be able to do all of that!
    And I applaud you on your goals! Well said, and I bet they will be as well accomplished.
    Love the Frittatas and Orchids! So beautiful!
    |Also I meant to ask you about your relationship – does your other half aware of your issues now and in the past? How is he handling it? I still have issues with my bf about some things, so I’m very curious.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    I adore ice-skating!

    • Yes I know I am a bit insane when it comes to work out but don’t worry I don’t do them all at once 🙂 I workout about an hour a day but intense. That is what works best for me.
      I will send you an email regarding the subject about the bf. There’s a few things I have to say too long to write here 🙂

  9. […] I was telling you about my goal to get leaner and introduced you to my coaches, […]

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