Marvelous in my Monday – last one 2012!!


31. December 2012 by swissfitchick

Welcome to the last day of 2012! I can’t believe this year is almost over. Where did it go? Anyways – let’s velebrate the last MIMM for 2012 hosted by my dearest KATIE over at!!


For me, it was probably one of my best year – never before I did bigger steps in my recovery and after an awful 2011 everything came back into the right place. That’s life. Even if there is a lot of hopelessness and despair – it will go over and better times will come. Before I say goodbye the last time this year a few glances back to my weekend. This is how I normally look on Mondays:


But since it is still holidays, I am pretty happy! Weekend was kind of low key. Sandro and me stayed at home on Friday night and had fab food – recipe coming!

Fajita Pizza with greens, eggwhites and mozzarella

Fajita Pizza with greens, eggwhites and mozzarella

Saturday, as mentioned I had an early hairdresser appointment in Basel. I took this as a chance to take my restday. I did 20 minutes Core-Power-Yoga before heading off, but that was it and everytime I take that restday, I feel how good it is for me and my body. I just always have to trust and to actually DO it. After the hairdresser I went to see my best friend who just became a Dad, then had a drink with a former co worker from me who came from Holland to Basel for New Year’s Eve. Around 4:30 pm, I took the train back to Zurich. Sandro was at his parents place for dinner and left me this on the kitchen table when I came home:



I love when he does these things, it warms my heart and it’s always such a SWEET surprise!! I cooked myself a nice dinner…

eggfrittata, brussel sprouts, broccoli

eggfrittata, brussel sprouts, broccoli

Followed by a dessert:

Avocado-Chocolate-Pudding b Heather from topped with a Kinder Egg

Avocado-Chocolate-Pudding by Heather from topped with a Kinder Egg

The rest of the evening I spent on the couch, knitting on the new scarf, watching a movie on demand (Sleeping with the enemy with Julia Roberts), reading some blogs, commenting on them and taking selfies of my new hairstyle – well, it’s not SO new. But the ladies out there will notice, Sandro of course hadn’t had a CLUE what was different when I asked him so. Well…..


Saturday morning I was SO ready for a run at the lake. I did not run for the whole week, just doing indoor workouts at home or at the gym, I wanted to give my knees a break. So that morning I was really looking forward to kick that ass outdoor. It was beautiful, fresh, sunny, chilly and peaceful. While running, I was thinking about stuff and did not notice people running or walking by. All of a sudden someone says: ‘Ahem….sorry….Miss? I think we met before…?’ – It was SANDRO. Oh my God, he went for a run too, a little later and I just did not see him and almost passed without noticing him, haha!

I added The Bikini Blaster ‘Abs Abs Abs’ from Blogilates – I got these paper plates the other day, Sandro was already wondering what I’d need them for. This workout is only 13 minutes, but oh. OH!! It was SO hard!! I love the idea of working with the slide effect, it’s so efficient.

IMG_1975We had breakfast at home (overnight protein avocado oats, 1 egg) and then went for a short walk outside, it was such a stunning view that day.


This is the place I hang around in summer in a bikini! Now it’s so cold!

IMG_1961 IMG_1963 IMG_1970

Now these 2 days – Sunday and Monday are a bit of a challenge for me. We went to a party yesterday evening. My best friend Markus always throws this party as kind of a ‘goodbye-year’-event. It was at his home and many friends of us were there, so good people all around. BUT, since it is the night before New Year’s eve, and we mostly go to a party on the 31st too, these are 2 nights with ‘other’ food and drinks in a row. This scares me a bit. I am looking forward to all of it, but it’s a lot of ‘unsafe’ ground there. I will really try to just enjoy the good company and the music rather than focus on food and drinks all the time.

Well. Besides my anxieties, the party was a success. I chatted so much to all the friends there, I didn’t even have time to care about unimportant stuff. We danced a lot too, which I always LOVE. I had so much fun dancing with my boss to ‘Save the last dance’ from Michael Bublé or doing ‘Gangnam-Style’ with him, which looks perfect, as he’s Korean 🙂

Unfortunately my phone died last night. Water was spelt and now it’s off forever. Which means, my pictures I took from the party are on the card, but I can not transfer them to my PC. I will upload them as soon as I have a new phone!

Tonight, we will be at a party somewhere in central Switzerland with a bunch of friends. We will sleep over and I am sure it will  be fun. I hope I will not end like this:


I see you tomorrow for Tuesday recipes! I wish you all a great night and Happy New Year!!



15 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday – last one 2012!!

  1. Esthi says:

    Ich kenn das im fall…ha au immer mega panik dassi oeppis muess aesse woni nit wott…ha au scho sache abgseit waege daem…wie machsch denn du das? Ablaenke isch scho ok wenns e party isch aber binere iiladig zu zweit oder viert?
    Dicke schmutz mini liebi!

    • Also was es schlimmer macht, isch wenn ich mi total unter Druck setz, denn gots meistens in d Hose. Wenn ich ka ruhig bliibe, denn klappts meistens, dassi wirklich nur so iss, wie’s für mi stimmt. Vor allem versuechi eifach alles im Mass zässe – denn ka eigentlich nüt passiere und uffalle tuets au nit. Wenni aber öbbis wirklich nit will, denn sagi au mol nei – ich find das dörf me, so lang me nit grad alles nit isst. Dicke Schmutz zrugg!

  2. Greta says:

    Oh, wow! You look so pretty! For real – you sparkle with your new hairdo!
    Also, you must be an amazing cook, Lucie! You make me crave every food you put up on your blog! I can’t wait for that pizza recipe, as well as for your recipe page to fill up. I want to try to make everything you eat!
    And as for the parties. I understand the anxiety pretty well. I have been having four in a row and I wish to stay home tonight. Just browsing the net, reading and sipping the champagne with my man. We’ll see…
    Happy New Year, girl!

  3. I LOVE your hair girl! You are just absolutely beautiful. I can’t get over Sandro’s little candle display. He’s too cute, heck you two are too cute ❤ ❤ I'm so glad to hear that you were able to let loose & have fun at the party. Yay for not feeling blah throughout the night, and enjoying what life has to offer ❤ ❤ I already can't wait to hear about this evening!!

    • Thaaaaank you so much love!!! Awe yes, he does these little surprises a lot and I totally love it. I am not feeling particularly well, so I hope we can make it to the party tonight…..will update tomorrow!!

  4. That fajita pizza looks so good! I’ve never thought about putting egg on a pizza. Your hair looks beautiful…it always feels good to have a new haircut. Have a fabulous night!

    • Thank you Kim! I actually just wanted to add some protein to the meal and this was what I had on hand – and it’s really good!! Ah yes, I LOVE the feeling after the hairdresser. I even tend to stop washing my hair for too long after a visit, whoops!! 🙂 Happy New Year to you and your family!!

  5. Nadja says:

    I’m so glad to hear that 2012 was one of your best years! I truly hope you’re gonna go further and further in your recovery! Wish you all the best and a happy new year 🙂

  6. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous, Lucie! Heck, YOU look absolutely gorgeous… and it’s so great to see you being treated so well by your man – he definitely sounds like a keeper 😀

    I’m glad that 2012 was such a good year for you, and I hope that 2013 will be even better. Happy NYE, love!

  7. I’m glad you had a great year, and that pudding looks really good! Happy new year and let’s hope we all have a great, successful, happy, healthy 2013!

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