Thankful Thursday #8


27. December 2012 by swissfitchick

Good morning!

I am joining another round of Thankful Thursday hosted by one of my most favorite persons Jessie over at jessielovestorun. Check out her blog and the link ups!!

25ecf49000a1739b_111.xxxlarge_1Today, I am thankful for where I stand today. When I look back – just one year ago, or many years back – thinking about that I live with the ED since 18 (18!) years now – this time of the year was always my biggest challenge. Well, actually, it was more like a big disaster. In my time as an anorectic girl, I used to stroll through the supermarkets to LOOK at all the sweets and treats and to dream about, how it would be, if I could eat them all. It was like having a meal, just wandering around the shelves and staring at the food. Or checking the labels. And then buying tea or chewing gum when leaving. When I allowed myself to splurge a few crumbles of cake that were left on Mom’s plate, I’d skip dinner.

Foto 2(2)

I remember one christmas when I was deep in my Anorexia, I think I was down to 42/44kg or something awful like this. I planned a 5 course meal to cook with my Mom. I wanted to eat it. But to make this possible, I had to starve before and after. So I stopped eating at lunchtime the day before and only started having food when we sat down for dinner the next day. I remember that I started to feel nauseous after the second course. I got up and walked out of the room to the toilet. I didn’t make it, I fainted on the way, but nobody realized it, as the door was closed. After a few minutes I woke up just to find me lying on the floor and feeling awfully sick. I shouted my boyfriend’s name and they all came to get me. I puked and then laid on the couch for the rest of the night with no dinner at all. My body was obviously totally unable to cope with any amount of food in its stage – skinny, weak and drained – and after 1,5 days without food. When I look at the pics today, I feel so sorry for what I did to my body. I was pale like a sheet of paper, my hair were thin threads, my skin looked kind of transparent and my legs – since I always had skinny legs, my legs at this time really looked horrible. How could I…..


A few years later, I did puke/purge too. But because I was so terrified that I could gain a few grams by eating cookies. The last few years, I loved christmastime because of the lights, the music and the anticipation, but it was still hell for me with all that food. I wasn’t able to eat treats in moderation, so I just cut them out completely and accordingly had a binge sooner or later. I was in a vicious circle from end of November until beginning of January. This year is the FIRST, where I do pretty well. It still IS a challenge. And I surely had way too many cookies than I intended to eat. I had panic flashes. When I put on my jeans. When I went to bed with a full stomach. When I knew, I will have drinks more than once a week. And yes, I had to do my daily intense workouts to feel safe. But I did way better in keeping the balance, because I ALLOWED myself to eat cookies or to have drinks an dessert. I definitely had it all in moderation – which wasn’t possible for many many years. And….my Jeans are the same, I don’t think that my body changed at all. Of course I want to go back on track now and my goal still is to lose my last kilos and to define my muscles. Judge me if you must, but that’s what I would like to achieve, body related. And I am pretty glad I will have a January coaching with a trainer from Florida. But still….I totally think that the most important thing was – I was enjoying each and every day, all the parties, get togethers, spending time with my friends and family, dinners, appetizers, drinks and cookies. And this is a huge step for me. Besides my ‘shaping’, I also want to achieve that this is getting better each year – that I don’t even have to think about a slight panic in my head when christmas comes near. That I can just relax, enjoy, laugh and love.

One of my favorite christmas actions: Drinking hot spiced wine at the christmas market

One of my favorite christmas actions: Drinking hot spiced wine at the christmas market

Another one: Mom's christmas cookies

Another one: Mom’s christmas cookies


Tradition at the Pfaendler house: Mom and me lightening the candles of the christmas tree (it was my Dad’s job before).

IMG_1867 IMG_1871 IMG_1901 IMG_1903 IMG_1904

And today I am also extremely thankful for my readers!! It is my motivation EVERY day to write and post, because I know it is read by YOU and your comments and your support means so much to me you can not imagine. This is such a great help in my recovery process and I can not thank you enough. THANK YOU!!!



10 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday #8

  1. Greta says:

    Oh, gosh!
    I want to thank You for this amazing and sincere post, Lucie. It did took my breath away, as those things are so familiar to me, especially now, around the holidays.
    You are awesome! And you’re doing awesomely! And your Christmas were awesome this year!
    Sorry, I’m not very wordy this morning. Anyways, thank you for inspiring women like me to embrace and love life as it is – scale and fear free!

    PS Sweet Jesus, it’s already Thursday! Where did the week go???

    • Awe Hunn, thank you so much for that beautiful comment, it means so much to me! I am glad I found your blog/you found mine so we can go through all this together!! I think we both can be proud of our recovery process. Heck yes, it’s already Thursday!! My holidays are flying by…..

  2. cleanfoodcreativefitness says:

    Beautiful post Lucie! Thank you for sharing your honesty! I’ve had a few Christmases like the ones you described myself and it just makes these years so much more joyful because now we are able to truly celebrate the holidays without so much worry of food! I’m so happy to hear you had such a fabulous holiday for it is what you truly deserve 🙂

  3. daguttgrl79 says:

    Beautifual post Lucie!!!! What an awesome journey you have, and I celebrate your achievements with you. I can totally relate to your pains and joys, and look forward to many joys for your future. You are so blessed and are on the right path, and you are getting stronger every moment of every day. Lucie you deserve all of life’s beautiful things, and you are a beauty inside and out no matter what!!! xoxox

  4. Jen says:

    What a great post and I am sure many can relate. I am glad you are on the right path and are getting healthy. I too had an ED and remember the days of watching and wanting to eat but depriving myself because I knew I could and it proved to myself I had control 😦

  5. Lucie,

    Can I just tell you how PROUD and blessed I am to call you my friend. You are such a sincere, and honest person. I absolutely love that about you! You continue to amaze me w/ these well written & beautiful posts. I know this may of been difficult to share, but you did.. and you are inspiring so many other women who have suffered from an e.d before. Continue eating those delicious cookies, and throwing back a couple glasses of wine (for me of course Ha Ha) & continue to kick this e.d in the butt =)

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