Marvelous in my Monday!


24. December 2012 by swissfitchick

Good morning and merry christmas! Breakfast is just happening:

Protein Pancakes with Banana and Applesauce

Protein Pancakes with Banana and Applesauce

I hope you all have a wonderful day or evening today, surrounded by your loved ones and having a good time. I will go out today to see if there are people on the street who are in need and will donate. I can not stand the thought that some people are spending christmas eve on their own.

Before throwing myself into christmas party mood, I still want to do another round of MIMM, Marvelous in my Monday, hosted by lovely Katie over at


Friday was the day after our work-christmas-party. I slept till…..wait…9:30 am!!!! My God, I have no idea when I did that the last time, it was soooo good. The sun came out just when I got up and ran out the door for an outdoor workout. I did the Vita Parcours, which I love. It’s so close to where I live, it’s beautiful and it has all I need – a bumpy route, and equipment to do some strength exercises on the way.


The view when I did my sit ups

IMG_1781 IMG_1786

IMG_1814When I came back, I hurried with showering and having a late breakfast/lunch, cause I had a videochat date! As mentioned yesterday, I chatted with lovely Jessie, it was THE highlight of the day!!

Love this girl!

Love this girl!

I jumped on the train to Zurich later and was picked up by my man at the station. We walked straight to our favorite salad bar for dinner and then strolled over the christmas market to enjoy the lights, people, music and of course some hot spiced wine.

IMG_1790I woke up quite early the next day and hit my favorite TRX routine and some cardio. I was looking forward to some cereals for a change! I got these a while ago from vitacost. They are not as good as the Maple-Nut-Cranberry-Granola but it’s ok. They just look so much better on the picture than they really are….I don’t think I will order it again though. It’s not crunchy enough for me 🙂


After breakfast I hurried to the post office to get the package from Jessie!!! I was so excited! We made an inofficial foodie penpal match this month, I sent her some Swiss Food over to Kuwait and she got me: 1. Diverse McVities cookies, as I love them so much and we only have the original falvor here, 2. granola (CRUNCHY!!! Just as I love it!!), 3. Maple and Honey Almond Butter ( I must be happy if I find plain almond butter here…need to look for it in special stores though), 3. a delicious fruit-nut-mix and 4. Xanthan Gum!!! I can’t wait to try it for my smoothies. And of course a very sweet and touching letter, I loved everything!



We were late this year with christmas shopping (have we ever been early? No.) – so we had to throw ourselves into the crowd-madness downtown to get the last stuff. I kind of love it. I know it’s crazy, but I just like this excitement, the hectic and the anticipation for the big feast that is in the air. We met these guys on the road:

They even played my fave song 'Let it snow'!

They even played my fave song ‘Let it snow’!

I spend pretty much all my money in this absolutely fantastic store…I’d like to live there, love it so much!! And it’s perfect for ladie’s gifts!

Beauty, Scents, Make Up Love

Beauty, Scents, Make Up Love

In the evening we had guests, Sylvia and Luky, 2 of our best friends. We decided to do ‘table-grill’ including Raclette. I decorated all a bit christmas-y, played christmas songs and we also had some presents for them.

Waiting for the guests

Waiting for the guests

Cheese slices for Raclette, veggies, german sausages, chicken and (unpictured) beef to grill and a GOOD wine!!

Cheese slices to melt, veggies, german sausages, chicken and (unpictured) beef to grill and a GOOD wine!!



Girlie's gifts

Girlie’s gifts

They stayed and slept over which made the evening even more relaxed and chilling. I went for a run in the morning while everyone was still sleeping. Starbucks happened for breakfast before they took the train back to Basel. It was hard to say goodbye, as they are off for their honeymoon until end of January. So wonderful for them but so long for me!!


The rest of Sunday was easy. Blogging, cleaning, cooking, going for a walk, having leftovers for dinner:

Green leaves with steamed zucchini, mushrooms, eggplant, roasted chicken&shrimps

Green leaves with steamed zucchini, mushrooms, eggplant, roasted chicken&shrimps

Dessert included - McVities ChocolateCaramel - my favorite!!!

Dessert included – McVities ChocolateCaramel – my favorite!!!

My best friend Jen, over in Vancouver, got my christmas present in time – the scarf I knitted for her! Love the picture!!


Tonight, no family celebration will happen. Sandro’s brother is on a long travel with his girlfriend and they only come back on the 28th. So they will celebrate christmas then. So we  celebrate christmas alone – on the househill from Zurich in a fancy hotel with Spa and dinner. Tomorrow morning we will go for a long run as it is beautiful there. Followed by the delicious breakfast buffet of course!! 🙂

219473_Aussen-Winter Uetliberg_-_Uto_Kulm_IMG_6147

Unfortunately there is no snow currently as it is 15°C!!! NOT christmasy at all, more like spring, haha……

Tomorrow we will be at my Mom’s place for dinner and gifts exchange. Looking so much forward to the dinner, I wished salmon as a main course, love it!!

My dear friends and readers, I wish you merry christmas, enjoy every moment!!

Foto am 23.12.12 um 13.59



15 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday!

  1. My heavens, that hotel is BEAUTIFUL!! Wishing you & Sandro the most amazing, wonderful, relaxing & lovely night together ❤ ❤

    p.s. whenever I'm up & running again I'm flying to you & we are going to run on that trail bc wow, it looks breathtaking!!

    p.s.s. you knitted that scarf? AMAZING! Girl got talenttttt =)

  2. It looks like you are in such a neat place for Christmas….love the Santas playing music! And that hotel looks amazing. Merry Christmas…hope it’s wonderful!

  3. sloanepitman says:

    WOW that looks beautiful! From the views on your run, to the picture of lovely Jessie, to the hotel, to the pics of you and all your firneds–so much gorgeousness!!
    Have a wonderful holiday my sweet girl!

  4. Merry Christmas, Lucie! I hope that you have the most amazing day full of more love and laughter than you can handle ❤ ❤

    Not gonna lie, I'm a little bit jealous about the gorgeous weather you're having. It's currently -25C here, making me a little bit afraid to leave my house… Care to knit and send me one of those gorgeous scarves? 😀

  5. Those protein pancakes look great! And that looks like a beautiful path to do your workout on.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. cleanfoodcreativefitness says:

    Merry Christmas Lucie! Have a wonderful holiday!

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