Be a fantastic Coach – be a friend!! Guest post from a brilliant Personal Trainer


14. December 2012 by swissfitchick

Hi friends! Before I pass over to my friend Tim, I shortly want to introduce him to you. I met Tim back in 2006 or 2007 I am not sure anymore. He was working as a fitness instructor/trainer in my gym. Tim was my for a few weeks in nutrition and fitness. I will never forget when I showed him my Food Journal the first time. He read it through, looked at me, asking: ‘Do you have some kind of a problem?’ Oh well, he hit the mark. And there we went – I learned some incredible new things about food and workout and my body and how to treat it right – and how I can achieve my goals. And even today, when questions arise I can always turn to him and get excellent tips and consultancy. Tim doesn’t only see the body and the food or the workout it may need, but the PERSON inside. In a very sensitive, funny, empathic and professional way he supports anyone who reaches out for him – even me who lives quite far away from him! And that’s what makes him unique. Enough from me, here’s Tim:


‘My name is Tim, I am a 30 years old personal trainer, Team-Athletic-Coach, Reiki-Therapist and Reha-Trainer. I live in Berlin, Germany, where I run my own gym&therapy-center. Sport was always a big factor in my life. It’s my challenge, my balance, my passion and my job. When I was younger, I used to like any kind of sports. Later, I went into competitive sports, which meant only running. It meant training 7-10 times a week, working towards races and challenges, being diciplined, and fighting for progress. At some point I lost the passion, the fun was gone. That was when I asked myself: who am I doing this for? Is it me? And the answer was: No. Definitley NOT for me.


After that insight I started to study all I could find about nutrition, overweight, fitness etc. I worked in several gyms as a instructor, absolved different workshops and fitnessconventions. I also spent time in Switzerland and Australia working as a trainer and these months opened my eyes – if people in foreign countries would want to learn from my knowledge and experiences, why should I wait with doing this for living and sharing my passion and knowledge with everyone?? So there I went – today I run my own gym and therapy center in cooperation with a physiotherapist in Berlin. I see myself as a ‘fitnessworker’, a coach, a friend – who features and supports my clients to achieve their goals. Every consultancy is a responsibility and a challenge. I want my clients to hit their goals without a hurtful fight, without force. I want to find the most effective way for them to get where they want to be. I highly respect everyone who changes his/her eating habits – just because I say so. It is a very personal area to step in as a coach – everyone has its one eating habits for years. So it is definitely not easy to change that completely. It’s more than just ‘cut-out-carbs-eat-protein’. it’s so much more, cause every client is different, lived different habits for years and has a different story about it. It’s the point to respect that and to act/coach/work accordingly.


My Credo is: Be a fantastic coach, do the best service, be a friend!!



Ok, dear readers I hope you enjoyed this guest post! If you have any questions arising you would like to ask Tim, he can be reached here: /
+49(0)174 18 54 134

More from my modesty in the next post! Happy Friday!

xxx Lucie

6 thoughts on “Be a fantastic Coach – be a friend!! Guest post from a brilliant Personal Trainer

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