WIAW – What I ate Wednesday #1!!


12. December 2012 by swissfitchick

Good morning!!This is my first WIAW – since I loved to read all the WIAW’s posts in the past I decided to link up myself. This campaign is hosted by Jenn over at Peas and Crayons, check out her blog and all the link ups! Here’s what this is all about:

 What wiaw *isn’t* about…

Comparison – Judgement – Restriction – Guilt
…What wiaw *is* about…
Celebrating one of the glorious things we all have in common: We all eat!
wiaw what i ate wednesday button happy healthy holidays
 Since it’s only Wednesday morning, this is more like what I ate Tuesday. Doesn’t really matter, right? So let’s get started with the day.
After a morning run in the dark with intervals and a short strength-session I was all over my breakfast:
Quinoa with 1.5 mashed bananas and cinnamon

Quinoa with 1.5 mashed bananas and cinnamon

Mid morning snack was needed:

Chocolate Brownie Questbar

Chocolate Brownie Questbar

To relax my muscles I went for a short swim over lunchtime. Fuel was already waiting for me in the office:

Egg-Spinach-Tomato-Chicken-Frittata sprinkled with seeds

Egg-Spinach-Tomato-Chicken-Frittata sprinkled with seeds

Dessert? Come here!!!

Swiss White Chocolate Santa Clause lived for only 1 day. Death by a feeding frenzy.

Swiss White Chocolate Santa Clause lived for only 1 day. Death by a feeding frenzy.

As it was really cold last night and snowing down, I was craving something warm and comforting. This soup was EXACTLY the right decision:



A last snack to munch on on the couch:

1/2 Banana, 2 medjool dates, almond butter

1/2 Banana, 2 medjool dates, almond butter

I apologize that my pics are not very nice to look at. I am thinking about investing some money for a proper camera. iPhone shots just aren’t the best quality. Hope you still enjoyed the foodporn and happy Wednesday!!








15 thoughts on “WIAW – What I ate Wednesday #1!!

  1. Oh Lucie, it all looks DELICIOUS!! I’m pretty much obsessed with your lunch though. It could deal w/ the fact that I have an addiction to eggs & feel that everyone should eat them on a daily basis! Ha Ha.

    Have a wonderful day doll,

  2. Yummy day Lucie! It’s my first WIAW today too, so exciting to take part! Hope you have a great Wednesday.

  3. Welcome to your first WIAW!!! Everything looks delicious and so well rounded!

  4. Your breakfast sounds awesome! I love cinnamon and bananas together. Perfect match 🙂

    And I love your white chocolate Santa! Was he hollow or solid? Kind of reminds me of the solid chocolate 1 pound bunnies that they bring out around Easter.

    • Awe yes, the breakfast was really good I need to do that more often! The Santa was hollow (unfortunately :-)) but still so good. The Swiss get crazy about all the chocolate stuff around Christmas and Easter!

  5. Well, I think your photos are lovely! I’m jealous of the Quest bar, I have some coming in the mail and I can’t wait!!

  6. livliveslife says:

    I love quinoa for breakfast! Your recipe sounds very yummy. And that Santa wouldn’t have lasted very long around me, either. 😉

  7. Greta says:

    Oh, your so good with your iPhone, because the photos are gorgeous and the meals look yummy too!
    Also the Swiss White Chocolate Santa Clause wouldn’t survive in my house too 🙂

    • Oh thank you Greta! I’d still love I had a nice camera, on the other hand I would have to carry it around all the time and people would look at me odd if I’d take pictures of vegetables in a restaurant 🙂

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