Foodie Friday and Crossfit in Christmastime


7. December 2012 by swissfitchick

Happy Friday everyone!!


A little update here on my week! It’s been a good one.

Grocery shopping and meal prep was a part of it as always!!


butternut, spinach, peppers, pears, lemons, eggs, smoked trout, sweet potato, beans, cherry tomatoes

Talking about Sweet potato and beans….and about meal prep…sometimes meal prep isn’t the best idea. I prepared mashed sweet potato&beans (my favorite warm dish currently) on Monday to have it ready for Wednesday after my Crossfit training. Thanks God I checked it before I headed off to the training and – it got bad. ICK!! Sloane just raised the question lately, what you do when you crave something but you do not have it there. I commented that I would fall on my knees and cry or scream. I craved mashed sweet potatoes and beans but they had gone into the trash, no time to go shopping, so….I fell down on my knees and screamed. Ok, no. But I had to go for plan B whith something that I ALWAYS have in my pantry: eggs and tomatoes. Oh, not to mention that I had eggs and tomatoes already for breakfast that day. But well, it was still the best fuel I could find as an afterworkout meal.


eggs, tomatoes, low fat curd cheese

eggs, tomatoes, low fat curd cheese #1

Dinner: (did I mention that I do not own the skill to cook nice looking omelets? Yes, I think I did. Several times. But just that you know: I am half-assed in making the perfect omelet).

Messed up egg omelet with tomatoes #2

Messed up egg omelet with tomatoes #2

Follwed by one of my favorite desserts currently:

Date sweetened almond milk....YUMMMMMMM

Date sweetened almond milk….YUMMMMMMM

Talking about desserts: I had an awful craving for chocolate Monday to Wednesday. No idea why, but I was thinking about chocolate first thing in the morning and had it on some days at 8pm for dessert after breakfast. I can handle that SOMETIMES but when this gets a daily routine, I feel VERY challenged. I start to feel guilty, terrified, that my body would explode immediately from getting fat etc. – to eliminate such anxieties and emotions I normally binged in the past. I did have a huge fight with myself on Wednesday. Oh GOD, was I fighting. Devil and Angel were battling a huge war in my head. I checked my 3 tips for beating a binge by Heather on my bulletin board:

Beating the Binge with Love by

Beating the Binge with Love by

My soul won. I did not binge. I stuck to my plan and stayed healthy and in moderation. To save myself from going crazy I went for a swim at lunchtime which helped a lot. And I powered out the last negative thoughts in the Crossfit session after work. Later, back home I was relaxed and safe and it felt SO good.

Talking about CROSSFIT – YES!!! I FINALLY found the workout I was looking for for so long. My workouts were crossfit-style for a long time, actually since I was working with my personal trainer Markus Latscha. He taught me how to really challenge myself  -and I ever continued to exercise like that. But I had to do it on  my own, as there was no class, gym or club which offered a workout like this – until now.

I found CROSSFIT BASILISK on Facebook and was thrilled – they exercised in the stadion down my street. Isn’t it perfect when you only need to cycle 2 minutes to the place of workout? And being home under the warm shower 3 minutes after the workout is done? (Hmmyes, I need 1 minute more AFTER the workout…)

Besides that, I officially love Crossfit. It is exactly what I want to do. It’s a 1 hour workout which is intense, fun, challenging and full of learning effects. I was a bit scared when I went to the training the first time. The majoritiy of the team is male. Nothing wrong with that of course 🙂 but obviously I am the weakest and was worried, that I would interfere in their workout routine. But nope. They are SO supportive, friendly, funny and really cool guys, I was so happy about that.

Fact is, that my lungs feel like shortly before exploding, my legs are shaking for the rest of the night and laughing is not possible for the next…hmm….3 days without pain. I am ok with that. The feeling of the power, of what your body is capable of and being exhausted in such a positive way is worth it all. Crossfit it is!!

My first L-sit in my life

My first L-sit in my life

WHEW!! I think this was something about 150 situps or so....

WHEW!! I think this was something about 150 situps or so….omg, look at my face…hilarious….

Strong is Sexy

Strong is Sexy

By the way, this is how the workouts look like:

1. Skills:
– Kettlebell Snatch
– Double Unders

2. WOD 1:
– 4 x 20 sec Sprints

3. WOD 2:

In teams of two :100 Box Jumps
100 Burpees
200 Double Unders
100 Push ups
400 Squats
200 Sit ups
4. Cool down:
– 100 back extensions
Wanna join??



They will start to practise in a box soon. This is much further away from my home and I truly hope, that the outdoor trainings will still take place. I LOVE outdoor exercising and I prefer to be closer to home after the workout 🙂

On Tuesday, I had a date night with one of my best male friends. I’ve got 2 of them and I can assure you, boy&girl friendships (FRIENDSHIPS) work. I’ve known him since 6 years and he is a very important person to me. He is such a great person to talk to, he is silly and hilarious and we can spend a whole night together talking nonsense and being convinced that it is funny. Yes, we also have great talks and more great drinks 🙂 Best thing about this all is, that we will move into the same office by the end of the year. Markus owns his own architecture business (totally worth checking out: and we ( work with them on our projects so that is perfect – and it will be a fabulous time, I am sure!!!

Best Friends

Best Friends

M&me dancing through the night (my 30th birthday party)

M&me dancing through the night (my 30th birthday party)

We had SUSHI….oh how I love Sushi. SO expensive, but all worth it!!

Get in my belly, go!!

Get in my belly, go!!

I admit: I downloaded this. Yes, I know, lots of people are totally annoyed by the same songs up and down every year. I am not. I LOVE christmas songs! And I will listen to this over and over until even I get sick of it 🙂 Do you have that, that you have a fave song and listen to it in 1000 repeats and only this song until you can’t stand it anymore? I have that currently with this so cool song from Gossip ‘Move in the right direction’ – SO love it. Perfect motivation while exercising!

Oh, and ‘All I want for christmas is you’ from Michael Bublé, haha.

It's beginning to sound a lot like christmas....

It’s beginning to sound a lot like christmas….

Oh and….can you believe I made an advent calendar with tiny presents for Sandro SEVEN days late?? I am so lame. But it just flipped my mind and I forgot. Too much chocolate dreams perhaps….maybe, I just need the weekend???!!!

Better late than never....get unwrapped!!

Better late than never….get unwrapped!!

Happy Weekend my fellow readers!! Thank you for all your support and comments, love each one of it!!



3 thoughts on “Foodie Friday and Crossfit in Christmastime

  1. Your posts always make me smile. That crossfit workout sounds awesome!! I love the pictures of you in action. Look at our face.. in beast mode & all =) Ha Ha. && when it comes to sushi, sometimes you just have to put the cost aside & dig in. Speaking of sushi, I haven’t had it since my birthday (July).. I’m thinking that must change like.. SOON!

    Can I just tell you that the first thing i thought of when I saw the pears you bought at the grocery store was your pear smoothie & that you probably bought them for that. Am I right? Ha Ha.

  2. I love Sushi!! It’s worth to spend a hilarious amount once in a while. Awe yes, you got me, haha! 🙂 Pears were for the smoothies. Totally obsessed by pears currently 🙂 Thanks so much for your email, I’ll get back to you tomorrow! So happy that the package finaly arrived!

  3. […] really great thing this week was, that I went back to Crossfit. You might remember that I started Crossfit in December last year. Late January and February I was hit by a winter depression and went through some funks. Little […]

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