Thankful Thursday #6


6. December 2012 by swissfitchick

Hello and good morning, welcome to Thankful Thursday Number 6! This campaign is hosted by lovely Jessie, thank you again!!


Side comment: I updated my ‘About Lucie‘ page – check it out!! Loads of pictures!

Today I would like to spell the word THANKFUL and list a thankful for every letter:

T: I am thankful for my Tabata workouts. I totally love doing them, they are short but intense and I can let my power off by uncluding them in my runs. Here’s a full Tabata workout you can do at home with no equipment.

 H: I am thankful for Harmony. Yes, Sandro and me fight once in a while or have discussions and I think that is ok as long as we stay respectful towards each other. I just can not shut my mouth and stay silent when something upsets me. Even though, and of course I love it when the harmony is back. It’s wonderful and so much more relaxing!!


A: I am thankful for Abwork! You probably think I am a weirdo (and yes, I am) but I love doing abwork especially cause there are so many exercises where you get to lie down, haha!!


N: Nuts or Nutchocolate. Hmm, maybe nutchocolate more. But nuts are one of my favorite snacks, so thankful I have access to them!

schokonussK: I am thankful for kisses. Isn’t it beautiful to kiss or to be kissed by a person you love? Ok, I happened to experience really gross weird kisses. Not only from dogs.

FotoU: urks. No idea. Anyone knows a great word that goes with thankful with an U??

I don't know what Hugh Jackman has to do with that, but it was one of the first pictures that popped up when I entered 'lack of memory' into Google.

I don’t know what Hugh Jackman has to do with that, but it was one of the first pictures that popped up when I entered ‘lack of memory’ into Google.

F: Friday!! Friday is always my day off, I only work 4 days a week. I love having one day a week where I can just do what I please. Ok not all day. Most of the time I need to get my household done or I leave the mess and still do what I please. But after that I still have 22hours to do what I please, yay!

tgifL: I am thankful for LOVE. Nothing to add here!! Have a happy and wonderful Thursday, filled with Love and Thankfulness!!

Fotoxxx Lucie

4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday #6

  1. Greta says:

    How cool is to have long weekends? I’d like a job with an extra day off!

  2. Fridays off? Oooo girl that sounds like a dream! And for a good U word, how abouttttt… unforgettable 😀 Like all those great moments in life that stay with you forever.

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