Saturday’s Marvelousities on Sunday!!


2. December 2012 by swissfitchick

Hello dear readers and friends!! I am so sorry about that mess I created over this weekend. I don’t know what was wrong with my post, but decided to put in in SPAM and I had no chance to republish it.
I anyway wanted to switch to Wrdpress, but nit so soon as my blog is not looking the way yet I want it. So bear with me, this is just the beginning, loads to imporve here! I still want you to read my news and so I go for it now. I hope you are enjoying it anyway!! So this post was created yesterday morning, so don’t get confused about my time mentions.
I know, it’s not Monday yet but it can be a marvelous Saturday too, right?? Friday was already a good start off into the weekend!! Actually, it was an early christmas for me.
My ordered stuff finally arrived and I was so excited!!

What is better than coming home from a hard workout at the gym and finding a pair of new, beautiful shoes in front of your door??? I tried them right away, it looked so glam with my workout wear still on.

Early Christmas gift for myself......

Early Christmas gift for myself……

Then a huge package of food!!!

Glutenfree cereals! Hmmmm, sooo good: Nutty Cranberry Maple Granola

Nutty Cranberry Maple Granola
They will get in the belly of Sandro soon, I am sure…
Honest O's....yumm.

Honest O’s….yumm.

I’ll go easy with these. First because I got only 1 package each and secondly cause I feel better without too many carbs. My stomach woes don’t appear that often when I cut out the carbs and besides that I still want to lose 2 kilos. But I think once a week on the weekend for breakfast, that will surely happen around here! This morning it fell right into my breakfast bowl. But I think I’d rather eat it just like that. Hand in bag, grab cereal, hand in mouth. Yumm.
Pumpkin Protein Smoothie with Nutty Cranberry Maple Granola on top....

Pumpkin Protein Smoothie with Nutty Cranberry Maple Granola on top….

I got also new flavors from Questbar! Coconut/Cashew and Cinnamon Roll – anyone tried those yet?
Coconut Cashew Indulgement

Coconut Cashew Indulgement

And my ABSOLUTE favorite almond butter: Crunchy from Once Again! I ordered 2 jars but one was broken….bugger!! I could not keep it, it was full of glass splinters. Hm. So I have to treat this one very sparingly!!!
Get in my belly!!

Get in my belly!!

Inspired by my dearest Jessie who was attacked by a baking desire in the middle of the night, I wanted to bake something myself (at daytime though :-)) and went for the protein-pumpkin-banana-chocolate-bread I saw on Anna’s blog here. I totally want to do the zucchini-chocolate-bread from Jessie too, but it contains some stuff I can not get here. So I gave this one a try and it turned out good! As almost everything that I bake, it did not look like the picture on the recipe….I get used to that. and I think it is not meant to be so soft and doughy on the inside but it actually tastes really good! It’s sweet, but not too sweet and it’s actually a good snack or preworkout booster as it contains bananas, protein powder and oats!
Dough is ready to go

Dough is ready to go

Pumpkin-Protein-Banana-Chocolate Bread

Pumpkin-Protein-Banana-Chocolate Bread

Later on, I strolled through some shops and guess what I found?? Coconut flour!! Finally!! I always see those Paleo recipes on different blogs where they use coconut flour and I could never find it anywhere but now they sell it just around the corner, I am so excited. Now I just have to decide what to do with it 🙂 Danielle always have so creative and delicious recipes on her blog, I guess I have to go and do some research there.
Good baking goods

Good baking goods

I also found Coconut water at MIGROS but this one is sweetened with agave nectar and I actually like it unsweetened. But I guess I’ll have it once in a while besides the pure coco water from Arizona.
Sweetened Coco Water

Sweetened Coco Water

I did no write my FPP post yesterday as the package did not arrive yet. The mail from and to Switzerland is so slow it is ridiculous. And if I want a package to be there sooner, I pay around 50$ according to the weight. Well, I hope it arrives soon though and also my package in Kuwait for Jessie and Joshua!
Last night, Sandro went out with his guys and I had Anne, a good friend over for a Couch-DVD-Ladies-night. I love that. We had some prosecco before dinner and wanted a nice picture of the 2 of us. While discussing and chatting about…..hmmmm…. – I don’t have a clue as to what the heck we were discussing and what so exciting there was in this back corner of the kitchen – Sandro took a picture. Haha, very good.
Hello? Here's the music!!

Hello? Here’s the music!!

When he left, we curled up on the couch and enjoyed some healthy take away. I had a big bowl of salad with cucumber, tomatoes, roastbeef and shrimps. SOO GOOD. This week was kind of a salad-week, I think I had such a bowl almost every day! Anne had Sushi which I forgot to take a picture, oh well!

Healthy heaven

Healthy heaven

After dinner guess what happened – SEX AND THE CITY!! Believe me friends, I could watch the series or the movie over and over again. I am SO in love with SATC especially with Samantha and Miranda. I so love the scene when Charlotte freaks out in the restaurant when Carrie tells them that she will get married to Big: ‘And I am deaf now on my right ear.’ They crack me up and I rock with laughter, really. We watched the 1st movie last night, I think this was the 6th time or so I’ve seen it. It was definitely not the last time!!

No comment.

No comment.

This morning Sandro and me went for a run. We haven’t done that in a while cause most of the time I am up earlier than him and start my morning workout alone. This morning though I started with my daily meditation and then did a Yoga session. By the time I was finished, Sandro crawled out of bed and we headed off. It was freezing, but beautiful with some fog-leftovers and the morning sun coming out!!
Now we are in our Saturday morning (or more like midday) tradition: sitting in our favorite coffeeplace, having a breakfast-lunch, chatting, reading newspaper (him) and magazines (me)and blogging (me). We will be off soon to the little christmas market we have down the road. I will make sure to take some pics to share with you on Monday! A bit of shopping downtown and in the evening we are invited for drinks – it’s the birthday of one of my friends today. Rest of the weekend will be lazy, for sure!!

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  1. Love the new blog layout! Looks great 🙂

  2. Thanks for the link up! and I love your blog background! So glad you liked the banana bread – my mom baked a loaf too and sold it at her church’s Christmas fair for $8 so hey, it’s doing some good too! 🙂

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