Detox Day 3 – Shopping – Mail

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21. November 2012 by swissfitchick

Good morning! Today was a little bit like christmas. I had 2 packages in the mailbox, I was so excited!!
First on was my #Sweat Pink Gear. I totally love it. I am such a Pink Fan so this is perfect for me! Too bad it’s so cold outside now. But I will wear it at the gym and for Yoga! Yes!
Sweat Pink
The second package are a bunch of samples from They were so nice to send me things to try. I got a mix for a protein bread! I will bake that next week, I wonder how it tastes! I love bread, so I can’t wait!

Chocolate syrup and pancake syrup. As soon as my detox week is over I’ll make pancakes and try this!! BAM! I think I’ll go for the pumpkin flax pancakes by Danielle. By the way, if you love Pancakes you should definitely also check out Heather’s blog. She’s the pancake queen. MY.GOD. When I see those recipes and pictures I am totally blindsided and get hysterical, as I can not decide which one I want the most. I have to start baking soon. I NEED to try the Lasagne pancakes. Or Brownie Batter Pancakes with Cherries. Or maybe the Irresistable Carrot Pancakes?? Hmmmmmm. At least I have the topping already!!

I already have the Italian Dressing from Walden Farm’s which I really like. I am very curious about this Honey-Mustard one. I received also Thousand-Island and a Ranch Dressing. I actually prefer to prepare my dressing myself, but sometimes it’s just easy and convenient to have a dressing ready.

They also sent me a Questbar, Apple Pie Flavor. Oh how I love Questbars!!!

Today is Detox Day 3!! I feel REALLY good. I eat very low carb and it seems that my tummy is happy about it. I know that I am not allergic on anything, but I made the experience that white carbs and too much bread are making my stomach upset. So I mostly go for glutenfree stuff or just cut down on bread and too many whole grains. With this plan I eat loads of veggies and fruits, protein (fish, tofu, eggs, meat), healthy fats (avocado, nuts, almond butter, oil). My body seems to be very happy about it and I feel light.

I have my anxieties with the low workout thing. As much as I do love the Yoga sessions and easy walks, I am so not used to NOT powering hard. Still, I feel that my body deserves this rest and it’s good to give it a break.
My task from yesterday was to go shopping in my fave store. Ha, that was easy! 🙂 That’s what came out: Pink warm running-sweater, leg warmers and that lila gilet. I know I am so boring with my pink addiction, but I can’t help it, just always grab the pink stuff in a store. Especially when it’s for my workout gear!! Yes, the thing in the back of the picture are mushrooms. I had a mess in the kitchen and just covered it with my new clothes, ahaha.
I always find myself so relaxed when I am shopping. Do you feel that too (please say you do)?  – It’s like being thirsty and get something to drink. I can only stroll around the clothes, touch them, look at them and I calm down immediately. Even more when I made them my own!! 🙂 After a long powershopping day I surely feel exhausted, but it’s this satisfied tiredness which you have when you feel you accomplished something. DO I HAVE A PROBLEM?

The really cool thing without my long workouts is, that I have so much more time. Time for doing long and relaxing Yoga sessions (PowerYoga APP – love this)

and for knitting!!! I finished the scarf!! It’s long, thick and warm. And it will be a christmas present for one of my best friends who lives in Canada. I want her to have something from me to wear so I am kind of closer, haha! I hope she’ll like it. As it is my first scarf in about 20 years, there are quite some mistakes in it….but well, that’s art, right?? 🙂

Today’s task is a beauty treatment! Manicure, Blowdry, etc….I think I’ll go to the Spa in the Poolclub. Sauna and Steambath, YAY!
And I absolutely will go for a walk at lunchtime. This is how it looks like here today!

Have a lovely day everyone!!

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