Marvelous in my Monday!!

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19. November 2012 by swissfitchick

Happy Monday everyone!!
Today is my first day of 5 detox days. It will be 5 days of clean food and no hard workouts. I would like to give my body a break from all the heavy stuff it has to process and give it lean and clean food for 5 days. I mean I already eat healthy, but still there are things which are not that clean. No alcohol, no coffee, no sugar. I am glad I hardly ever drink coffee and I hardly ever drink alcohol during the week. I enjoy 2-3 glasses on the weekend but that’s it. So that won’t be too hard to cut out, I don’t think I’ll miss it. I definitely need to cut down sugarfree chewing gums. I am really bad at this, I always put them in my mouth, I guess I just do it because my mouth feels bored….I am down to 4 a day now, I ate much more!
I think I will do well with the food this week but the workout thing is a BIG challenge for me. Only walks and Yoga – I totally love this, but I get so terrified when I do not absolve my daily hard trainings. I totally tend to overexercise and always get my highs from the power workouts. This feeling of being powered out, sweaty and then have a shower is so addictive. But I am sure my body will be happy for the break! The great thing is, that I have a fun task every day to make this week even more relaxing. Today I’ll go for a massage, yay! Here’s my first meal: eggs and sauted greens.
Detox Food
Second will be: Apple-Protein-Smoothie

So that is my start of this week and here comes my marvelous weekend! On Friday afternoon I went shopping with Mom. One of my favorite activities!! 🙂 Since it is really cold by now, I got a new and warm winterjacket. Love it! We went for drinks and dinner later on followed by a dance show, choreographed by one of my best friends. It was a great show and perfect quality time with Mom!
Saturday was easy day. I went for a morning swim in the pool, had a delicious omelett with veggies and cheese and spent the rest of the day with cleaning, doing laundry, knitting, reading blogs, etc.

Saturday night was a blast. Sandro came to Basel and we went to friends for dinner and then dressed up for a hitsong party we were invited to. Only the dressing up part was so much fun and the party – I loved it!! We talked and danced all night and I had to take the shoes off on my way home as my feet hurt from dancing. Love that.
Dressing upReady to dance!
Sunday morning I woke up at 9am and felt tired, but good! I went off to the Vita Parcours in the forest. It’s one of my fave workouts especially because it’s outdoor. The morning was sunny and chilly, beautiful! I ran 2 rounds with the strength and interval exercises in between and 1 round only running.
I am such a morning person. For me there is no better time in day than the morning. I love when the sun’s coming out, the fresh and chilly air, the silence and peace before the day starts.
Sunny SundayrunAb work !
Followed by a long stretching session, shower and fuel!! Chocolate-Apple-Quinoa with low fat plain yogourt and Almond Butter. That was SO good. I’ll post the recipe later that week!
Healthy filling breakfast
On Sunday afternoon we went to visit my uncle. He lives in the country and has a farm with horses, dogs and cats – speaking from cats one of them just got 5 babies! They are SO cute, I wanted to take them home, all of them!!
CutenessOne of my highlights of this weekend was, that I found this:

How could I not know that we have FroYo in Basel and even one that has my name??? I have to go back soon and get one!!

Wish you all great start into the week!

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