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16. November 2012 by swissfitchick

Where are my blogthoughts??? My creativity??I think sometimes my life is just too boring to bring exciting stuff together or I do not have exciting healthy tips to share.
But life offers beautiful things to share every day right?
So today that was: Sleeping till 7:20! Loved it and it was much needed. I read from other bloggers that they sleep 4-5 hours a night, I could never function like that haha! I am like a baby, I need my 7-8+ hours of sleep every night, otherwise I am fucked up waste. I usually go to bed at 9:30/10pm ( I know I am such a party animal) and get up at 5:30 (not on weekends for sure).

I digged in a small breakfast or more like a preworkout snack and went off for a run in the forest, followed by some weight lifting at the gym. I prefer to do circuit trainings with light weights or no equipment at all, but sometimes a weight-lifting session is needed.

Getting the sweat
A bit of strength and a bit of relaxing poses with the gymnastic ball

And all in my loved Reebok trainers! I just love loud colors – but only on my training gear (with my training gear? in my traiing gear? – I am SO bad when it comes to English grammar). I am quite decent though (boring?) with colors on my daily fashion.

I spilled water while taking the picture. Eek.

I know I already said that before, but as I have 2 homes (50% in Zurich, 50% in Basel) I got many things duplicate. So I ordered a second pair of dumbbells for my workouts at home.
Pink as always 🙂

I also have several bikes 🙂 I have a serious relationship going on with my bikes. Fact is, I can not live without them. I do EVERYTHING by bike. I can’t stand taking the bus or the tram. I am ok with the train for longer distance, but downtown you only see me on my bike. Even when it rains, I am all packed in my raining clothes, accepting the fact that my hairstyle is ruined when I arrive at the office. So I have 1 bike in Basel, 1 bike in Zurich and a racing bike also in Basel, which I use in the warm seasons for tours. Best moment is, when I come back from Zurich with some luggage and on my way home from the office I go for grocery shopping. Believe me that is a daring feat! Huge handbag on my back, huge grocery bag at the handle bar, huge luggage bag in the basket. Never fell off so far 🙂
My bike - my Love
Friday goes on with….fish-meat-spinach-after-workout-fuel…

….followed by some dessert….(the originals are the only ones we get here and in only ONE shop…I always cycle there just to get them…I think I have a problem.)

….cooking veggies to make sure I eat them…..

…enjoying this glorious weather!!

That’s it!! Happy Weekend Friends!!


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