Snackiness on Wednesday

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14. November 2012 by swissfitchick

Good morning!

Oh well, I guess winter is here. This morning I went for a 60minutes run workout with sprints and 2 rounds of tabata followed by 20 minutes Yoga and I was freeeeeeezing. Good thing is, I can finally wear my pink cap!

And one of my favorite moments is breakfast after the shower. As usual: Pumpkin Protein Overnight Oats. YUMM.

Last weekend Sandro and I went walking around the lake on Sunday and went to the cinema later on to watch the new James Bond movie. In the middle the movie my stomach started to rumble and making funny noises when I realised that hunger’s here and I did not have food with me! I resisted going to buy one of the unhealthy snack they sell at the cinema and just had to wait. I always feel I have a problem when my body decides it wants to be fed and there’s nothing around that would be good. Thank God I had the experience in the Philippines where we sometimes could not eat cause there was literally no food. I found out how it is to be hungry without wanting to starve, but having to. So this Sunday was again a reminder to have healthy snacks with me wherever I go. You never know what happens, right….. Here’s a choice of ideal snacks to take along to work or on the go:

Avocado with sunflower seeds:

Lara Bites by Danielle  and 1 egg:

Banana topped with almond butter:

Protein Bar (check out the ingredients and sugarload!!!) and 1 apple:

Hummus and Veggiesticks:

Perfect thing is always to make your snacks yourself. Like this, you always know what’s in there and can decide what taste you like. As of me, I love to bake the Coconut-Protein-Cranberry-Cookies – they are a great snack!
Ha, and sometimes it is a snack that is probably not very well balanced, but hey, it’s life!

I eat chocolate every day, YUP, that is a fact, sorry #sorryimnotsorry – maybe that is the reason why I do not get the defined muscles I am wishing for. Chocolate or defined muscles? For now, chocolate. Maybe next week or next month or in January or one day I will be enough disciplined and motivated to make the decision to eat even cleaner and define. But not today.

Tomorrow is Thankful Thursday #3! Take a moment and think about the things in life you are thankful for! And even if it’s only that you got a smile from a neighbour or had a fantastic dinner with friends! It gives positive feelings and this is the healthiest indulgement you can get!
Have a great Wednesday,
yours Lucie

What is your favorite snack? Do you like to cook/bake your own snacks/meals?

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