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12. November 2012 by swissfitchick

Happy Monday! Today is the celebration of MIMM; Marvelous in my Monday, hosted by Katie over at! I think it is such a great idea to post a review of the weekend or any other highlights.

I did not blog for 2 days now, becaue I got reasons you will read now. I definitely got some cool stuff to share, but there are also some not very happy things. On Friday, I was overwhelmed by a wave of ED-thoughts. This does not happen that much anymore compared to the past, but there are still days like on past weekend, where the ED just spreads the fingers all over me. I woke up on Friday morning and it started right off:’ You are ugly, fat, not disciplined enough. Others do way better than you, you should eat better, work out better and reach your goals faster and more efficient.’ This song stayed in my head till Saturday after my workout. In the evening of Saturday I felt safer, today, Sunday,  I feel almost good. But on Friday, I worked out obessively and couldn’t stand in front of the mirror without breaking in to tears.
Thankfully, there were some happenings which distracted me from this hell of thoughts and on which I could concentrate: On Friday evening I had my ex-working-team over at my place. We had good talks and fun and I prepared a nice buffet. I cooked 80% healthy and 20% unhealthy, which I think is fine. Not everybody is so keen on healthy food like I am. So here we go:

Avocado-egg-Salad from Alysia


Homemade Hummus

Horseradish-dill-chives-DIP with raw veggies

Cherry tomato-mozzarella-bites

Vegetable-Pizza with beef jerky and cheese

And some not self made Chocolate Cookies – nothing exciting so no pics! 🙂

I think with such a choice you can definitely stay healthy on a party out. And all tasted great! If you are interested in any of the recipes, please let me know!
Here we are!

When I woke up on Sat all the guilt came back. Surely I had some treats too the night before and a bit of alcohol. So I was really grateful I had an appointment for a mountain run with a good friend of mine. I love this mountain which is right opposite of our house on the other side of the lake. But I never ran up there, I was terrified, as I knew it would be hard. And it was, phheeeew!!! I was SO exhausted when I arrived on the top, BUT – the feeling was awesome. The view was terrific, this ocean of fog and the snowy mountains in the distance. We ran up  a bit more than an hour and then back 50 minutes. So we were on the way for sweaty 2 hours, YEAH!

up, up, upAlmost there!
Wonderful View

I was SO ready for a warm shower as I was freezing and I couldn’t wait for my pumpkin-protein-oatmeal-smoothie that was waiting for me.

Well deserved!

I decided not to do anything at all anymore for the rest of the day. I felt exhausted and tired from the workout but also from the fights in my head. So I cuddled up on the couch with my tea and blanket and watched The Voice of Germany all afternoon, and this was good. When Sandro came home we cooked a fresh and healthy dinner. In these moments I can not console myself with chocolate, cause I feel even worse then and get in the danger to start a binge. So this fresh raw salad with mozarella, nuts and grilled chickenbreast, was so right.

To cheer me up, Sandro rocked a show in the kitchen by performing and singing christmas songs for me while I was washing dishes. Watch out, swiffer and cinnamon help as a microphone! It was so freakin’ hilarious, I couldn’t help but having belly laughs 🙂 🙂

I went to bed at 9pm. Yup, I know I am very boring, staying at home all Saturday except for a run and even go to bed that early. But I am totally ok with it, as I needed it and especially my body needed it.
Sunday I woke up early and started another workout, 30minutes of TRX, Gina’s ‘six pack in a sweater ab burner’ ( followed by a 50minutes elliptical cardiosession. As I said, I was obsessive about workouts this weekend, but it was my way to escape the hell of ED-thoughts.

Rest of this Sunday will be:
Starbucks: Reading, chatting, blogging, drinking tea

Cinema: James Bond: Skyfall


Supermarket: Shop Dinner

TV: Chilling, cuddling up on the couch and not letting any bad thoughts harrassing me anymore

I am not a coffee-or milkdrinker. So when I go to Starbucks, I have tea most of the time. But today I was craving this Small Skinny Chai Latte and I loved it!

There is one sweet highlight from Friday I would like to share: I asked Danielle from to set up a 5-day-detox-plan for me which I can do before winter finally arrives. I did detoxing before without food, only juices and soup, but I can not do this anymore. I lived without almost any food for about 2 years, I guess that is enough…. so this plan is with food, but very specific. Anyway, the story is, that I sent it to Sandro so he could print it out for me. As sweet as he is, he printed one page per day and added a nice picture matching the daily ‘tasks’ which are part of the plan. That is so sweet isn’t it? He always does things like this and I love it and him. So now I’ve got this beautiful plan and am very motivated to start, which will be on November 19th. I will share and update on my experience about it here on the blog!

Detox Plan

That’s it for today, I wish you a great start into the new week! Feel hugged!

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