Healthy Breakfast Challenge!

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7. November 2012 by swissfitchick

Good morning everybody!

Today I have a mix of all kind of stuff to share with you. First, I would like to spread the joy of the Healthy Breakfast Challenge, hosted by Anna from theguiltlesslife – Do you love breakfast too? Do you tend to eat less clean and healthy when winter comes up? Then you should definitely join in! I already found some yummy breakfast recipes I definitiely need to try. You can join in via twitter, facebook or by email. Check it out, it’s fun!

And guess what? Yesterday another package arrived. Even if I paid for the stuff that arrives, it is everytime such an excitment and feels like christmas when the delivery guy stands there at the door! 🙂 This time I got almond butter for the next 15 years…..since I have 2 homes, I formed the habit to buy everything duplicate 🙂 So now I have 2 KILOS almond butter! And in addition there was this cute shaker which I am really happy about cause I LOVE PINK!!! This will be perfect for my smoothies!

I got these things from, they have quite a choice!!

After work I rocked the gym big time. I was squirrelly to ditch some power! I sweat on the elliptical trainer and then added a circuit with weights, swissball and some balance exercises. That was really kick ass and I was thankful when I got home to my couch! I decided to go for some fresh greens with salmon, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. It’s simple but so good.

Salad choice

I used this ‘guiltless’ Italian dressing. I prefer to do my own dressing, but sometimes I just feel too lazy and grab this. It tastes really good and it’s natural, however I can not really believe that it is caloriefree.

And of course some dessert, awwwwwyes!! Dried cranberries, pear, whole-grain chocolate bisquit, caramel dip.

Followed by weekly meal prep.

Shirataki noodles roasted in egg, cherry tomatos, mushrooms.

greens, greens, greens.

Ok, so now I would like to go into some thoughts I had yesterday. Since I am in recovery from an ED, I know that it’s the baby steps that make me go the long road. It is VERY hard to stay patient and accept relapses, when your only wish is to be ‘normal’ and healthy. My wish would be to shut down my thoughts about guilt and criticism about myself. LIVE. Enjoy what is good and learn from life’s challenges. I am not sure if I will get there one day, but I will keep on taking my baby steps every day. One step I would like to go forward with is forgiveness. I can be so hard on me and beat myself for not being perfect or disciplined enough. I could always find an ‘error in my system’ – I do not even have to look too close. It’s so easy to stoush me down rather than praising or building myself up. Or to forgive myself for not acting they way I thought I should. Example. On Monday, I went to a party, a 10 years anniversary from a famous indian restaurant here in Basel, where I used to work as a waitress. It was such s great party, I had a lot of fun with people I haven’t seen for a long time. And I had a few drinks (not SO many :-)). I forgot about counting my glasses or keep control, as I was having so much fun. Well, it was healthywise not the best thing, as I did not eat at all. When I cycled home, I still felt great, I was in a really good mood. After 6 hours of sleep and with a headache, the guilt came back. ‘I should not have…I should have….’ and I could not forgive myself for having one or two drinks more than I planned. I got up for a run, and my head hurt. ‘fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on you.’ I wanted me to go through this hurtful run, to realize what I did wrong. Fact is, that I like a small workout after a night out, cause it clears my head (just to keep things right – I am not out THAT much :-)) – but I would prefer to do it without these mean words in my head. I would like to forgive myself for things which are maybe not perfect or right or the way I thought they were supposed to be. I am imperfect. Forgive me.

Forgivness is also in this beautiful song – one of my favorite from Tracy Chapman!

Have a great Wednesday!!

xxx Lucie

Are you forgiving with yourself?

Do you think about joining the Healthy Breakfast Challenge?

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