Marvelous in my Monday

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5. November 2012 by swissfitchick

Good morning and happy Monday! Today is Marvelous in my Monday celebration, hosted by Katie @

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Mine was easy but good and filled with loads of stuff I would like to share today with you.

Fridaynight was Raclette time! I wrote in my Fridaypost what Raclette is for those who did not have it before. It was a  great evening with a big round of good friends, lots of talks and laughter, some wine and GOOD FOOD!!! I love just sitting a whole evening with friends and spend happy time.

Cheese, cheese, cheese….


I sneaked in some healthy stuff too! YUMM!

Saturday morning I slept a little longer and then went off for a run in the marvelous chilly morning breeze.

Did I mention that I love my neighborhood?? I used the runtastic App on my iphone. Sometimes I like to check on my pace and burnings, and it gives me the chance to take pictures on the way!

Fuel was a Paleo Oatless Oatmeal! The recipe is from Heather, and it tasted great! I need to do a breakfast switch once in a while as Katie does, I am getting a pumpkin-overnight-oatmeal-overload! Speaking of, I prepared it right away for Sunday morning 🙂 I love trying recipes from other bloggers. Next one will be the Chocolate-Zucchini-Bread from Jessie. Looks and sounds delicious!

Pumpkin Paleo OatmealPumpkin Overnight Oatmeal

Saturday, Sandro and me strolled around downtown, did some grocery shopping and sat in the sun (outside!)drinking coffee. We love to sit in a coffeeplace for hours, talking, reading and just relaxing. This is a weekend tradition!! In the evening he went off with his boys to a party and I totally enjoyed my evening at home alone. I was lazy and just went to a very good take away around a corner and got this salad filled with proteins and vegetables! I love relaxed weekend days like this! Marvelous!

While knitting, watching TV, reading blogs and indulging some dessert, I looked at the photo album of the wedding of one of my best friends in September this year. The pics finally arrived and I was reveling in memories.

Girlfriendschicas!Girls love shooooes!!!

The wedding was held in Italy in a beautiful hotel with Spa and we spent the whole weekend there with all the friends. It was absolutely MARVELOUS, I will never forget!

On Sunday, I had my rest day. It is still a challenge for me, to slow down on a day and not jumping out of the bed right into workout clothes. But I know and feel, that my body needs to rest and it is thankful for a day off from powering and sweating. I went for a walk in the morning and did some yoga, which felt good. I fought with the thought to crack a quick elliptical trainer workout (Like ‘oh,only for 45 minutes, just quick, quick without even noticing…’)…but no, I did not. Sandro and me went for another walk as the sun was shining bright and beautiful and that was the best distraction and enjoyment.

When I think about the weekends in the past – and I still have days like that, but rarely – I sat home alone, with huge amounts of junk food, which I stuffed my face with just to run to the toilet right after and puke. Feeling empty and skinny was all I wanted. EMPTY, I felt but not only stomachwise, but also mentally. Food was only the compensation. Or NO FOOD was another compensation. I started with anorexia and switched to bulimia after. I think that I am a lucky person because I am still alive after all I did to my body, if it was binging and puking and taking pills or starving till I looked like a skeleton. Today, I binge or starve when I am stressed or feel blue and depressed. But many times when I feel like that and I feel the urge to do this, I manage to stay away from it and do something that REALLY helps me to feel better. Binging or starving is a quick relief of the pressure, but the second after I did it, worse feelings come along – despair, self-doubts, frustration, panic, apathy, depression. When I try to fight my feelings with food or starving, I can not even cry…cause I just feel so shabby. If I let the feelings come and face them, I cry – but for a reason and this IS a real relief.

I am proud that I am better able to let bad days go without punishing me. I do not succeed every time, but more than in the past. I think that is a step forward.

SO. Uff, these lines were heavy! To cheer up, I got a picture of a marvelous, delicious meal we had last night. Fresh Tuna Steak wih avocado-egg-salad, and steamed veggies. SO GOOD. The recipe for the salad is from Alysia, thank you!!


I know I promised my new playlist in this post. But there was so much to share, it just didn’t fit in! But I have another wish from a blogger for my recipe for healthy bagels, so playlist and recipe are coming this week!

I hope you had a great weekend too!

What is your favorite breakfast, are you a pumpkin lover too as I am?

Do you feel sad or blue sometimes too and how do you handle it?

xxx Lucy

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