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3. November 2012 by swissfitchick

One of my best friends, Jen, who lives in Vancouver got to know me in the Philippines in a tiny and very poor village on a small island where we both worked on development work projects. Since the circumstances there were quite hard and sometimes sad, we needed a break once in a while and behaved very silly when no one could see us. We needed that to not fall into depression because of all this poverty we experienced. After 3 months of working together every day, Jen decided that I was a really weird swiss person but she also decided to love me cause of that. And I love her back heaps!! (She’s a big weirdo too, trust me )Well, just to show you that she might be right, some strange stuff about me and my life. I seem not to be able to make a nice looking pancake or omelett. I mess it up big time everytime I give it a try. Thing is, I love omeletts and pancakes but I am still dreaming of a perfect self-made one. Never happened so far, I’m strange. 1.) messed up 2 ingredient pancake 2.) messed up veggie egg omelett ( Could not dare to take a full pic)

I am obsessed with eating my almond butter out of the jar with my spoon while reading my favourite blogs. I’m strange.





I am obsessed with jeans. I have a big mess of jeans in my cupboard, all sort of types, about 30-40 pairs. And everytime when I go shopping I buy a new pair because I am convinced that I totally need a new pair. I’m strange.Jeans overloadIf I have cake in front of me, I stuff my face and it’s gone in about 10 seconds. Is that strange?Still thereGone.My boyfriend and I are a strange couple. I can not explain that, it’s just a fact and if you would meet the two of us you would know 🙂 maybe because most of the time we are silly freaks. Sandro&Lucie I did not knit since I was a teen. But now, all of a sudden I started to knit a thick and warm winterscarf for me. I think I do this to stop running around restless all day and calming my thoughts. My friends probably think this is something for Grandma’s and that I’m strange.Do you do strange things? I think it’s good to be strange at times, don’t you think? Anyway, the things one think they are strange others think they are not, right? To finish this Saturday post I send you along some sunshine and beauty from my morningrun today! Have a great weekend friends! xxx Lucy

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