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25. October 2012 by swissfitchick

I love Zurich Vitaparcours Workout! I did it last night and it was great. Besides the nice route and exercises I was in the total running high. I LOVE that. If you ever had a runner’s high, you exactly know what I mean. This is what makes me so addictive! So. Why did I never stop at the toning stations? It’s such a good interval session! I will post the pictures and infos in a separate blog as it is so much. Just so you know – there’s an app for the vitaparcours which is very useful!

App Zurich Vitaparcours

I love to involve intervals in my workout. Whether it is with the jumping rope, Tabata, sprints, cardio-sculpting, crossfitting….It’s so much more fun and multifunctional. I can totally feel the difference after an interval workout or a steady cardio session. Interval feels so much better! It’s much more intense though and it needs good motivation but it’s absolutely worth it! I definitely think it’s fun. I will post some Interval options to include in your workout in another post (I just see that I have loads of stuff to post in future!!! Need to write it down, oh…..To give me the extra kick in these intense workouts, I always change my playlists on my iPod. I love to have good beats leading me through the sessions! Here are my current favourites:

1. Turn me on / David Guetta and Nicki Minai

2. Insomnia / Faithless

3. The Golden Age / The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

4. Klar / Jan Delay

5. Won’t be Long / The Hives

6. Crazy / Gnarls Barkley

7. Welcome to St.Tropez / DJ Antoine & Timati

8. On the Floor / Jennifer Lopez

9. I just can’t get enough / DJ Energy

10. Nomansland / DJ Sakin&Friends

On my researches for news on fitness and food I found this poster from G.I.V.E. project and I think it’s great! It’s so easy to see here how fully protein-loaded veggies are. Spinach 49%! I eat spinach almost every day, yay! Go for it, Veggies in every meal!!

Veggies with protein

Another interesting site I had to stop by: A great article with 5 reasons why drinking lemon water is so good for you!! I was really happy when I read it cause I know I drink my hot lemon water every day first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

I downloaded a few Fitness and Food Apps. I like them, but I will download some more and try them. These are on my phone right now and I use them quite regularly:

iYoga – love it! As I know I need to do more Yoga, I include a session in my workout as often as possible. It surely is not to compare with a live leaded class, but if you have done Yoga before this is a great alternative. Features: 58 positions, 2 degrees of difficulty, 8×30 minutes lessons, German/English

iYoga APP

MyNetDiary – This is a meal control app. You can enter the food you had and it counts the calories. I use this only once in a while. I am not very keen on calorie counting, but sometimes I  check on my mealplan to see if I am on track. It’s great for a control and it gives you helpful hints on what to cut out or what is good for you. It has lots of features such as all the journaling stuff like meals, exercises, weight, water, measurements. You can see how you go in the analysis and the charts. It has a community to share with others, is logged to facebook and includes a library with interesting articles to read.

Calories Control APP

Runtastic – App for tracking and analyzing your exercises and workouts. I totally love it. I don’t use it every time I do my workout as I do not like to carry around my iPhone while exercising. Normally I have my mini-iPod with me, but if I intend to take some pictures, I take the Phone and use runtastic. You can choose between several activities and with the GPS it can exactly track your activity. Especially if you prepare for a race, this can be very helpful.

Runtastic APP

And last but not least I love my daily fuel!

Scrambled eggs with zucchini and mushrooms

Eggs zucchini mushrooms

Pumpkin-Protein-Overnight-Oats with Yogi Green-Tea, fresh lemon and fresh ginger in my Starbucks Mug

Pumpkin-Protein-Overnight-Oats and Green Tea with Ginger

OOOOh and I absolutely love my new pink (or more lila I guess) NIKE shirt I got from my Mom. It’s so light and soft, it’s perfect for running or just to hang around at home! Matching to the shirt I had to get this cap….PINK as I love it and especially because this month is the month of breastcancer awareness in 2012!!

Pink Ribbon. Breastcancer awareness month October 2012NIKE Running Shirt

 I wish you happy Thursday!

xxx Lucy

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