MIMM in the fog


23. October 2012 by swissfitchick

Happy marvelous Monday! Today is MIMM time (Marvelous in my Monday) thanks to Katie@healthydivaeats.com!!


Fog is still around here but it is supposed to go away soon and the sun should come out, yay! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and enjoyed this beautiful sunshine. My weekend was marvelous indeed and I have a lot of marvelousity to share (guess I just made up this word….)!!

Friday night was a dinner out with friends. Laughing, chatting, drinking and finally, after 90 minutes, some food….besides that long waiting time, I can recommend this restaurant. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is really nice – kind of retro-vintage, with a nice bar for drinks and fresh Italian antipasti. (http://www.restaurantvolkshaus.ch/)

Girlfriends Chat

Saturday morning was workout time! Considering I will sit in the car for 4 hours, I needed this move! I did 1 10-minute-fullbodyworkout from fitsugartv, 30min Cardiotoning (jumping rope, medicine ball, TRX), and 40-50min cardio on the elliptical trainer. Workouttime altogether 1h20 (and it’s toughtoughtough, believe me), not too bad – thinking of my 2-2,5hour workouts I used to do.

TRX madness

 Always with me – my timer for tabata’s, interval training and sprints!


After my workout we packed our bags and headed off to Italy. With us a bunch of healthy snacks! I always have them with me especially when being on the road for longer. I do not want to buy junk when getting hungry. A Superwoman green Smoothie and coconut water for brakfast, pumpkin protein bars, Quest bars, nuts, beef jerky and fruits for snacking.On the road HealthinessWe arrived late afternoon in Cannobio and checked in our hotel – what an amazing view from our balcony, wow!Cannobio Hotel We went to stroll around along the lake and through the village – I like this place very much, it’s so cute and idyllic (http://www.reisefuehrer-cannobio.com/). Later we met my best friend and her boyfriend and sat outside at the lake and had some drinks (I stayed with water as I already had a few prosecco the night before…). Later on we walked to the place where we wanted to have dinner.enjoying the sun Vizi e Sfizi (http://www.osteriavinodivino.com/vizi-e-sfizi/home/ )is a really cool and stylish place with DELICIOUS food. The interior is really nice, kind of like a castle with cellar vaults, but modern furniture. We had a fun and great time with the two and I enjoyed this evening a LOT.

We slept in on Sunday – my rest day – and it was gooood!! LOVE staying in bed as long as I like. Eventually we got up to have breakfast. I stayed healthy, but had to have the chocolate-nut-cream, yummy….I always have that in hotels as I can not have it at home. I’d eat it in one grab……

Breakfast time

After that fuel we had energy for powershopping!!! I love that market (http://www.ticino.ch/de/commons/details/Mercato-di-Cannobio-Italia-/2905.html) . They sell some really nice stuff and great food too. I got a dream of a new handbagShopping result…..could resist these goodies…..


and we got some delicious oil to bring home.

Tartufo and Lemon

All in all a fantastic trip! Will be back!!! 2 hints: I figured that Coop City sells almond butter (more like puree). It’s the white one, but it’s free of all, just almonds and it’s good and especially cheaper that the one in the whole food store. I bought quinoa! Will try it for this week’s meal. It is great to have it instead of rice as it is gluten-free. AND it is loaded with protein, magnesium and ferric. I will update on my cooking success and some recipes! IF I will be successful….

Here’s a blast from Sandro and me on one of the 5 (!!!) weddings we celebrated this year…I love to dance, he obviously loves to sing (or shout) 😉

Dancing through the night :-)

Have a great start into the new week!

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