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19. October 2012 by swissfitchick

My last post for this week. Tomorrow morning I will head off to Italy for the weekend – a present from Sandro. My best friend and her boyfriend will join us and I can’t wait! It’s going to be sunny and warm and on Sunday we will go to the market.

Yesterday morning I went to the Poolclub for a morning-swim-workout. It was SO nice as the pool was empty for the complete hour of my workout! Such a peaceful and energizing start into the day. BUT…..I was obviously too tired. When I came out of the pool I realised I did not take off my shirt….so I swam one hour with my swimsuit AND my t-shirt on……fantastic, Lucy! 🙂


Yesterday was baking time again. I did Danielle’s Pumpkin-Protein-Bars.

I replaced the chocolate chips by sweet cranberries. They got a little too dark as I forgot them in the oven 🙂 but they taste very good!

Pumpkin-Protein-Cranberry-BarsSome of my meals I had during this week:

Steamed veggiemix, sweet potato, smoked salmon

Lunch in BalanceSuperwoman green Smoothie: spinach, pumpkin, protein powder, almond milk, almond butter ( so yummy!!!)

Superwoman Green SmoothieEgg/eggwhite-spinach-tomato-omelett with prawns

Protein Omelett

 As I said I tried the 10minute bikini-bootcamp with Jeanette Jenkins. I did this one and 2 other 10minute-Fullbody-Workouts and oh, that was a real good sweat!! I like those short classes, they’re efficient and fun.

Bikini Boot Camp

So tomorrow I’ll have an early workout and will have my smoothie on the road while Sandro is driving 🙂

Sunday will be my rest day, only workout is strolling around the market and doing some shopping! 🙂

I will be back on Monday for MIMM – will have to share nice marvelous from the sunny weekend. Have a fantastic weekend, enjoy that glorious weather!!

xxx Lucie

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