Iciness in the City

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16. October 2012 by swissfitchick

Yup, it’s official: first minus degrees this season. It reminds me of a small adventure a few years ago when I was on a holiday in the mountains. I went for an early morning run and it was about -20 degrees (ok, maybe not, but it was f**** freezing). I did not have winter-running gear and just went with my ‘normal’ outfit. Well, I felt like I was going to die the big freeze. As stubborn as I am, I kept on running. The pain came at home. I took a bath which was for sure not the best idea with my frozen feet and hands. So, my feet coloured BLUE. it looked so scary, I was terrified they might fall off. They did not. But after several preachments of my friends, I went to buy adequate winter-running-outfits….

This morning after my workout – au naturel, exhausted, sweaty. NO, I did not run just with my shirt.

Post Morning Workout

Yay, the sun came out and the blue sky is beautiful!!

Yesterday after work was grocery shopping and meal prep time. Loads of good stuff: veggies (broccoli, pumpkin, white mushrooms, mini peppers), fresh berries, coconut water, smoked salmom, nuts, low fat curd cheese, beef jerky, eggs

Healthy Grocery Shopping

Then I started to prepare this weeks meals – nothing exciting, loads of veggies, sweet potatoes, chicken, salmon, eggs – this pan goes for 2-3 meals.

I also bought stock up for my office drawer! I need to have healthy stuff around when I get hungry in between meals. Otherwise I go and grab junk food!


Beef Jerky, nutmix, Questbars, eggs, dried fruits, raw veggiebites

 And some new discoveries from fitsugar.com:

Sweet Potato recipes, yummm!!!



I definitely need to try the baked fries.

10-minute-boot-camp! Will integrate that into my workout for a change!


Craving chocolate? (I do!!) Here are healthier versions….yumm, I want them NOW.


This one is from Danielle @cleanfoodcreativefitness which I am going to try on the weekend! Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Protein Bars:


OMG, she just posted a new one, it looks sooo good – peanut butter cups and banana pancakes! hmmmmm…she is so creative!!!


Danielle's Recipe

Have a great and sunny Tuesday!!


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