Marvelous in My Monday

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15. October 2012 by swissfitchick

Today is Monday and MIMM time! Katie from ist hosting and I am looking forward to read many MIMM’s today.

Today I would like to share a few links of my favourite MARVELOUS bloggers! These ladies are located in the U.S. as the blogger community in Switzerland is so very small. And because the Americans are simply way ahead of us in regards to nutrition and fitness, it is so interesting for me to follow them.

Danielle is a Nutrition and Health Coach and I booked her consultancy for 2 weeks. She is here for daily support, and gives instant feedback on food journals. This way, you can immediately realise, what you could improve and what to cut back or where to add up. I could profit a LOT in these 2 weeks and I am very glad I contacted her. She is blogging every day great recipes or news on fitness (mainly CrossFit). Have alook at:

Katie is blogging since 2009 on Katie is a very funny, creative and likable lady. She presents loads of great recipes, new food products and other helpful hints or just funny and nice stories from a daily life with her family. I love her blog!!

One of my favourite websites is The great thing is, that they share loads of hints and recipes on this site from different bloggers. So you have the best of each! Fitsugar shares also a lot of useful information about fitness and sports. News on fitness clothes, playlists, sports programmes, fitness video classes, hints for pre-and postworkout etc.

Marvelous things to share from the weekend:

We found a Frozen Yogourt shop in town! I was soooo happy….I LOVE FroYo and I could not find it anywhere in Basel or Zurich! Sandro is happy too 🙂

Sandro loves FroYo

Sunday morning after workout I was craving pancakes! I still had that glutenfree-buckwheat-pancake-mix at home. I pimped it with pumpkin, stevia, nutmeg and cinnamon. Topped it with Protein Frosting (Proteinpowder, water – L.O.V.E.D. I.T.


pancake mix

The rest of Sunday was easy and lazy. We went for a walk downtown, had a cup of tea at Starbucks and strolled along the lake. As you know I am crazy about sweet potatoes currently so we got some when doing dinner-shopping at the supermarket. We also decided to have meat so Sandro switched on the grill and we had a fantastic indoor barbecue!! 🙂

Oh, and what is marvelous too: Our Internet is working again! We even have digital TV now what makes the fierce fighting over the remote control even worse…..I love SIXX! All the old shows. Friends, desperate housewives…yay! DMAX seems to be a favourite of Sandro, I can’t comment this…..

Hmmmm, that was gooood!!!

My workout this morning took place on my spinning bike! It was pouring rain outside and I just did not feel like enwrap myself with all the rain gear. MIMM is also always my easy day – 40-50 minutes of Cardio and that’s it. I still overdo on weekends with exercising so trying to cut down a little….

Have a happy start into the new week with hopefully some outcoming sun! xx Lucie

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