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13. October 2012 by swissfitchick

No internet at home! Aaaaaaaah, this is bad for a webjunkie as I am. So I am sitting in my fave coffeeplace in Zurich and create my post with the iPad! Will probably take me hours….

I was excited when I arrived at home in Zurich and saw that my vitacost package arrived!! Couldn’t help it, I was all over it. The almond crunchy butter is to die for….

Natural crunchy almond butter

My first Quest Bar in my life! Glutenfree, sugarfree, natural. Taste is delicous. Consistency chewy. Goooood. I got Strawberry Cheesecake flavour and Peanut Chocolate Brownie. Need to save them!

After this vitacost-excitement I decided to do some quick baking. I like to have healthy snacks or sweets at home which I know what they contain. I went for pumpkin-oat-cocos-cakes, the recipe is from Katie @healthydivaeats.com. It’s also a great preworkout-booster or a preworkout snack! Or just a healthy sugarfree treat with healthy fats.


250g pumpkin

80g oats

2tbsp almond butter


2tbsp grated coconut

1tbsp stevia

1tbsp baking powder

cutmix the pumpkin. Blend with all the other ingredients. Fill in little baking cans (muffin cans) and bake for 8-10 minutes by 250 degrees. Gives around 10 cakes middle-big size.

 If you like them sweeter or tastier here are some addings: chopped dried fruits (dates, figs, apricots), mini-chocochips, honey, agave-syrup


I am not a passionate baker. I do it once in a while but I am right fed up with it again. So after that session I needed fresh air! So I went for a 90 minutes walk in the forest and along the lake followed by a nice cup of tea and a healthy snack in my favourite coffePlace.

 My workouts for this weekends so far were 60minutes runs, toning sessions with TRX, medicine ball, tabata workouts, some yoga and 3 sessions (one after the other) from sugartv. I really love these full-body-workouts!! They are challenging, easy to follow and perfect for a home workout. http://www.fitsugar.com/10-Minute-Full-Body-Workout-P90Xs-Tony-Horton-25083670. You can find so many different workouts so nice for a change! I am still a huge fan of morning workouts. I meditate, drink my hot lemon water, and start exercising. If I feel drained and weak I have a pre-workout-booster – proteinbar, banana, coconut water, apple with almond butter or a tiny shake. There is no better way for me to start the day. Especially on days like this when it’s clear and chilly and the morningsun is rising by the lake.

I can highly recommend the routine of drinking hot lemon water first thing after getting up. It is so good for your digestive organs, it flushes them and it has a great detoxing effect. But you really should drink it before you eat. And it gives a nice energy kick! It’s a method from the Ayurveda diet. Since I do this every morning I suffer less from my irritable bowel syndrome!

Another really nice and filling postworkout meal (or anytime meal!) is the Figgy Pumpkin Oatless Oats-recipe. Delicious, light and good for you!

2tbsp coconut flour, 2tbsp chia seeds, 60-80g pumpkin, 2-3 chopped dried figs, 2dl coconut milk or almond milk, 1tbsp stevia, a good dash of cinnamon, dash of nutmeg.

Cutmix the pumpkin and then mix with the rest of the ingredients. Decorate with fresh figs!!

You can prepare more of it and heat it up later or any day or take it to work! This recipe is from Kasey from http://powercakes.net/. I think it’s a great combination!

Have a sunny, healthy, happy weekend with lots of move and motion and well-being!!

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