True Love on a Thursday

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11. October 2012 by swissfitchick


True-Love-on-a-Thursday-post with many things in life I love!

A new love is a hint of my friend Esthi, who suggested to have lunch at in town (Henric-Petri-Strasse 19, BS) the other day. It’s a great place with delicious dishes, healthy, balanced and yummy! I had the Tandoori India Salad. It was really good.

Dean and David

True Love for doing my meal preps. Its’ a happy time I spend in the kitchen, listening to music too loud (or singing when I am really alone :-))trying new recipes, and planning my week. It feels good to be a bit creative (just to mention, I am NOT a good cook. I have all my recipe ideas from research, sometimes modfying them a bit.) and it’s such a great way to save time during the week and especially stay healthy even if you have a busy life!!

I do NOT love the quality of this pic! aaaah, I can’t wait to get my new iPhone….to clear it up: eggs (9minutes), a huge sweet potato (used it in 2 meals!), spinach, white mushrooms, sugar peas. I LOVE sweet potato! It’s such a healthy, nutrient-rich and tasty vegetable to add to your meals. And it can be used in so many different ways! Maybe I should post some recipes one day in fall.

Meal Preparation

Yesterday I was given a fortunate cookie on the street. True Love for the little notes inside. Especially when they are so true! As I do struggle with overdoing in my sport- and exercise-routine, and being restless in my daily life and not relaxing enough, THIS is the best reminder!

SlideAlso the slips on my morning green tea is sweet – it tells you the simple worldly wisdoms. I think it’s a nice start of the day! Yogi Tea

I love….my daily coconut water!! It’s a great postworkout drink, as it fuels your body with the elements you used in your workout. It’s full of microelements, mineral nutrients, vitamins and it’s very low fat and low sugar. It’s also good for your skin and hair – a beautydrink! The only con is, that it is expensive. Meanwhile they sell it at Coop for 2.90 per bottle which is the cheapest you can get. They charge 4.50 in the wholefood shop….There are also different brands, but the ingredients stay almost the same. Dr.Martins has it with added flavour, banana or pineapple/acerola. They are higher in calories though.

Coconut water

My last true Love for this Thursday is the lake of Zurich where I will travel today and for the weekend. It’s my other (my 1st) home beside Basel and together with Sandro, my love, this is the best part there.

 Lake of Zurich

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