Sunny, autumnally MIMM!

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8. October 2012 by swissfitchick

Happy MIMM! This is the Monday post, which is supposed to make a blue Monday to a marvelous Monday. Thanks to my blogger friend Katie on! There will be loads of great MIMM posts today in the blogger world, can’t wait to read them!

You remember when I talked about the fashion guru Sarah who visited me on Friday for fashion advice. Here’s my colourtype: I am SUMMER! This is MARVELOUS, as I LOVE summer. It is ma favourite season. Even though I love spring and even more fall a lot too, summer is the BEST.

My colours - SUMMER

I had a marvi night on Saturday with my man. We cooked delicious wraps, and after finishing dinner we curled up on the couch to watch SATC 1. I think I watched this movie around 4 times now but it won’t be the last! I am SO in love with SATC! Especially Samantha and Miranda. Adore these girls and their sort of humor!! To be fair, we watched HANGOVER yesterday, it was Sandro’s choice……

Chicken and zucchiniSandro is preparing the 1st filling for the wraps: chicken and zucchini


It was sooo good!

  • Wholegrain Chabati bread or Fajita bread
  • pack the slices in aluminum foil and put them in the oven middle heat
  • roast chicken with zucchini and 2-3 eggwhites in a pan, 1tsp rapseed oil
  • prepare smoked salmon, avocado and cherry tomatoes on the plate
  • take out the bread, and fill with the healthy yummy ingredients the way you like it!
  • If you think you need a paste or a sauce, don’t spill it by taking a fatty high calorie paste or sauce. You can spice up low fat curd cheese, cottage cheese or low fat plain yogourt with pepper, chives, a dash of salt (a dash!!), and any other herbs or spices you like (preferably organic and no salt spices). you can also add a tbsp of almond butter, that will make it extratasty!

On Sunday we slept in. I looove sleeping in, especially when it is raining outside! Marvelous. When I got up, I got immediately ready for my Sunday morning workout. Sandro joined me for the run. We took a route to the forest first (hills!!) and along the lake in the end. The weather was gross, windy, rainy and foggy. Still, I like runs in the rain. The atmosphere has a special attractiveness and the best thing is that there are hardly any people out. After the run I did my toning session. I put the exercises together just a few days ago and started this weekend with that new program. Oh, it’s tough! I start with the jumping rope and the medicine ball, continue with TRX and finish with a Tabata round and stretching. The shower was FANTASTIC!! It’s the best moment after the workout. Do you agree?? The other best moment is when I sit down with my man and start enjoying my smoothie!!

Equipment for a tough workout challenge

In the evening we went to a foodfair near us It was great to see all these good foodproducts and we tried so many bits, I was filled in the end! But it was fun, strolling around the stands and get to try so many different things. We only drank a glass of nice dry Zurichwine to finish off and then went home.

This morning it IS a marvelous Monday! The sun is shining, blue sky, but it’s quite chilly though. I had to take the warmer jacket for my morning run! This run will be my only workout today. The last three days I was challenging my body with my workouts, so today I go easy.

Have a great start into the new week! Happy marvelous Monday!



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