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6. October 2012 by swissfitchick

Hello Saturday and weekend!

It’s been too long since I entered my last post! I have some nice things to share. First, I discovered a new chocolate. I am in love with chocolate, but like most of us I need to keep it in control. But there is hardly a day without chocolate for me. I saw these on a Kiosk at the station and had to get 2 of them. Since they taste delicious, I bought the other flavours too 🙂 They have: White chocolate with Oreo Cookies, white chocolate with rasperry, or the two on the picture – caramelapple/cinnamon or hazelnut/crepes. My favourite is the white chocolate with oreo cookies – sooo good!!! But the caramelapple-cinnamon-one is the perfect winter treat!

Yummy yummy sin

I loved the journey in the train to Zurich as always. I just love to relax in this hour. I had my healthy delicious lunch, a fashion-gossip-magazine (yup, I am addicted to those!) and the chocolate – perfect!!

After work I went for a 30minutes walk along the lake for my recovery. It was very windy and cloudy and the lake was wild. I do love that, when the weather is a little rough. The lake and the whole atmosphere is kind of mystical. And I DO love our neighbourhood! I can just step out and in 2 minutes I am down at the lake and it is soooo beautiful.

LakesideColours of fall

My Friday off was very exciting. First I went for a 1hour-run and then did my new toning-session at home. It is great and I am glad I like it so much! I do exercises with the medicineball (great class on, TRX Suspension Trainer and Cardio Intervals with the Jumping Rope. At the end of the session I do 2 tabata workouts. It’s tough, but goood! After that hard work my body needed fuel and I prepared my fave post-workout-meal: Pumpkin-Protein-Oat-Smoothie. Topped with glutenfree wholegrain cookiecrumbles and almond butter. To die for!!


When I finished breakfast, I was visited by Sarah, a style-adviser and fashion guru ( She has such a great and cool style (besides that she is a beautiful woman) and she did a great job! She told me what colours fit me best, and we cleared out my cupboard from old and bad style clothes, and she gave me many helpful advices and hints how to combine my pieces. It was so liberating to get rid of all this stuff…and now I got space for new ware!! For example this jeans I bought today – I think they are pretty cool, I like braces!! I am such a fashion victim, if I just had the money…..Shopping result

Friday night was FABULOUS. My friend came over, we had a fresh and favourite salad from Globus Take Away ( down the street. It was the perfect ladies night! Of course we had some of the new shokomonk chocolate for dessert……

Perfect Ladies Night And most important – the perfect entertainment: season 6 of Sex and the City! I lovelovelovelovelove it. I am really desperate, as I watched all the seasons now. I will have to wait a few years till I have forgotten about all the stories and then I can watch it again! Anyway, tonight it goes on with the SATC movie 1, and, on the side a healthy dinner: whole grain wraps with chicken, scrambled eggwhites, avocado and veggies. YUMM!

One of my highlights this weekend was the fleamarket next to us ( I LOVE fleamarkets! There are so many exciting things to see. Loads of funny and weird people ( I am weird too), unbelievable goods to buy, but also some really cool and retro style clothes and accessoires!

I send my greetings to everyone, hoping you have a great weekend too! And if you are having a hard time I send you loads of positive power!! Like in this picture I took today while strolling along the lake to downtown. Sun Power

xx Lucy

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