Marvelous in my Monday

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1. October 2012 by swissfitchick

Marvelous happy Monday!!

Many Thanks to Katie @ who started to share Marvelous In My Monday. Wow, it is already Monday again! Time flies. We had a MARVELOUS relaxing weekend. After all those weddings and hen-nights I was so glad to just BE and decide spontaneously what to do. When I arrived in Zurich on Friday I went quickly to shop some healthy stuff for the weekend:

Healthy StuffMore Healthy StuffAlmond Milk, Cocnut Water (I LOOOVE this!!) Blueberries and butter nut pumpkin for my smoothies, and one of my fave protein bars. In the other picture I have the glutenfree stuff, glutenfree oatmeal with apricot flavour (SO GOOD), buckwheat flakes, coconut chips (sweetened) AND for my honey a pancake mix as he LOVES pancakes but resists because he thinks they are too much…so this glutenfree buckwheat pancake mix is healthy and light and it tastes really good! You have to put some stevia, cinnamon and vanilla though cause otherwise it tastes a bit boring.

The weather on Friday was MARVELOUS and so Sandro and me went for a walk along the lake before he went off to his guys dinner. I absolutely LOVE these walks along the lakeside it is just SO beautiful and it calms me down and makes me happy. The view was SO amazing, look at the mountains, so clear!! I could have stayed there for hours and just watch the nature.

Lake of Zurich and Swiss mountainscan't get enough of that beautiful view

On Saturday after a nice day strolling around the city and spending hours in our favourite coffeeplace, we decided to go to the cinema. Before we had dinner at one of my favourite restaurants in Zurich and I had the salad I always have there: California Salad with fresh salmon. I LOVE it. It’s a green salad topped with fresh steamed salmon, nuts, cottage cheese, melon, coconut chips and a delicious honey-ginger-dressing which they serve on the side so you can put it yourself. For starter we had (me a glass of prosecco, Sandro drank beer :-)) crostini with salmon tartar, a bit too mcuh of salmon in this dinner but I like it so much! I indulged a little at the cinema and had a few gums. California Salmon Salad

On Sunday we went for a long run in the morning and I made a smoothie (recipe from with pumpkin, WHEY-proteinpowder-‘CookiesandCream’ (yummyyummyyummy), oats, and almond milk. I topped it with buckwheatflakes and a few pecannuts. It contained also Chia Seeds and some spices – it was really delicious! I really have had enough after that and felt a bit guilty. So I squeezed another workout in in the afternoon . So I was on a ‘too-much-extreme’ that Sunday. I know for next time! PumpkinProtein-Smoothie

Sunday evening was quiet and we chilled on the sofa watching SATC….I love it so much!!! I am a bit desperate as I am at season 6 now which is the last….omg what will I do after???


Oh and we had lovely dinner from our steamer: Sugarpeas, Broccoli, chicken and selfmade Hummus. Goooood…..YummyDinner

Have a great and marvelous Monday!!!






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